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******* Boys

******* Boys

Factory Videos presents us with "******* Boys", featuring several hung studs that like things kinky. Director Viper brings us a DVD that will have your cock drooling for a long 1 hour and 54 minutes. Are you ready to watch stars like Cody Bengal, DJ, Tony Knight, Owen Feral, Jacob Daily, Danny McCoy, Brandon Riggs, Sebastian Hard and Cassidy Hayes tease each other in these four scenes? It's time to find out.

The first scene begins with a young guy being hand cuffed to a chair. He's soon having his nipples twisted and dick sucked by a dark curly haired stranger. He's soon blind folded and has his legs bound as his buddy to teases him. While still having is legs bound he gets laid back in a fuck swing and has his asshole pounded by his captor's huge cock. His hands are free though and he's able to stroke his own rod, working up a load of jizz which he delivers to his dominant friend. Being such a good slave, he is treated to a warm batch of seed from is master.

Things get a little freaky in the next scene as we find a hand cuffed man in a gas mask getting his dick sucked by his master. After a little cock sucking, his master unties him and whips out a paddle and some ropes. His master binds his dick with ropes around the base of the shaft and right around the balls. After being bound by ropes and teased, his master only unties him to cover him in hot wax from a candle. All this kinky action has gotten both of them rock hard. His master finally finishes him off, pumping every drop of cum out of his slaves cock. He cleans it up with his mouth and then covers his slave with a warm wad his own seed.

Up next we find two men who have both been tied up and are being held captive. Their captor makes sure that his prisoners obey his every command by using leashes and ropes. He makes them fool around with each other, sucking each other's cocks and while he plays with his own hard rod. One slave has been particularly bad and his punished with a hard paddling, leaving his ass cherry red. As if things weren't kinky enough, he even pulls out a candle and pours hot wax all over his horny prisoners. All his hard work his paid off in the end as he drinks up every drop of his prisoners cum.

In the very last scene of this DVD we find a young guy tied up wearing a leather mask. He's soon joined by his master and is whipped for being a disobedient slave. His skinny body becomes redder with each flick of the whip. After being spanked and whipped, he has hot wax poured all over his body. As the wax hardens so does his cock, which is begging for some attention from his master. The master takes off his prisoners leather mask and sucks on his dick for a bit. He then unties him and sprays his captives wax covered chest down with a cool batch of his man juice.

Are you in the mood for some hardcore fun? Put on some leather and enjoy "******* Boys". With this DVD you're in for a wild ride that your cock won't forget.

Cory Bengal
Tony Knight
Owen Feral
Jacob Daily
Danny McCoy
Brandon Riggs
Sebastian Hart
Cassidy Hayes

Director: Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris & Gord Reece

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SKU 11FXT007
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DVD Features:
  • 117 Minutes
  • Chapter Selection
  • Photo Gallery
Year Released: 2012
In Store Price: $49.95
Our Price: $24.95
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