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Enlargement Gear

Watch your dick grow and grow with our selection of enlargers. Check out our pumps, extenders and even some nipple suckers as well.


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The Size Matters Penis Enlarger
If you've always wanted a bigger, longer penis, then it is time to put away the inferior machines and the products that do not work. It is time to step up and use a proven system that will stand by its claims. It is time to invest in the SMP Enlarger.
Our Price: $69.95
The SMP Beginner Pump
Get ready to pump it up for bigger, longer erections with The SMP Beginner Pump.
Our Price: $17.95
The SMP Power Pump
This penis pump is ideal for beginners who want to increase the size of their cock. The device creates a tight vacuum seal around the penis, causing intense suction and additional mass. The pump has a quick air release control, pneumatic bulb, latex ring for a tight seal and a see-thru cylinder to monitor the results.
Our Price: $29.95
Fire Pump Penis Enlarger
For the man who wants a real fire hose, pump it up with the firemans pump!
Our Price: $19.95
Nipple Enlarger Kit
With proper use you can enlarge and stimulate your nipples using the Nipple Enlarger Kit.
Our Price: $89.95
Buck Up - Sexual Enhancement & Energy Booster
Buck Up is the newest product that will give you the energy and enhancement you need to perform! This unique blend of healthy, all natural energy ingredients gives you the focus and power you need. Ready whenever you are, it goes to work in under 30 minutes and lasts up to 72 hours! You can get up to 3 doses in one bottle, though if you want the maximum effect you can drink it all. With a smooth berry taste, it’s easy to take with you on the go whenever you need that extra “lift off!
Our Price: $10.00
In Store Price: $14.95 off 33%
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