Fag Wagon

Fag Wagon
Hungry for Cum, They are stopping for every hot cock they see! Taking sleaze on the road. This is a real Cruise America video. Orion and Kevin are filled up with L.A. cum and decide to hit the road for loads all over the country. They pick up a genuine "Shag Wagon" from the 1980. Complete with gold shag carpet, TV, and, of course, a bed. Orion has a great way of thanking tricks for their load. Leaving them at the side of the road, as they move on for their next pig.

Travis Sparks
Orion Cross

Director: Leo Greco
Producer: Scott Morris, Gord Reece

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SKU 07PHM004
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DVD Features: 2 Hours, Scene Selection, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2007
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Arthur, Arthur , radvideo.com
    Bright-eyed Sparks and cute twink Cross suck any cock they can get, first in a hotel room and then on the road.

    The dudes sightsee on Hollywood Boulevard, very nicely-shot in widescreen. Then they’re in the room greeting a smiling shavehead whose colossal cock they squat and suck. It spits in their eyes and mouths, and Cross shows the trick out.

    Second trick is plain-faced, but six-pack built. The guys attack his tan-lined crotch orally. Cross gets the load, then drools it into Sparks’ mouth.

    Tall, gaunt third trick is bossy. “Get down on all fours,” he tells Cross, whom he rims rapaciously. While Sparks sucks Tall, Cross flexes his anus appealingly. “Sit on my face,” Tall orders. His stubby cock cums quickly. Naturally he orders, “Lap it up.”

    They greet be-spectacled trick four in the kitchenette, where there’s just room for the stars to go down and suck his load into their mouths.

    Next two crophaired tricks come in together. “All right, boys,” Cross says, “lie down.” The guests get side-by-side, pants-just-down blowjobs on the bed. Then, “Road trip!” demands Cross!

    They buy a “shag-wagon,” an old van with shag carpet, and start a trip from Pittsburgh after Cross noisily blows the van’s seller. They pick up two blond twinks whose red car has broken down. In no time, they’re blowing them in the van’s revolving plush passenger armchairs. They then dump then back at their car.

    In Philadelphia, “looking for people and boys and such,” they pick up a big-black and average-white hitchhiking pair (more men than boys), uneventfully blow them, and then shove them out of the van in the middle of nowhere!

    In a nice neighborhood by daylight, they lure a longhaired twink in for Cross to suck probably the loveliest dick in the movie. Him they dump at a store.

    At “the park they were telling us about,” and with two shavehead youths, and in Atlantic City (three times!), they do the same. You get the idea. They’re mean, sadistic, horn-dogs, and they’re many loads of fun!