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Glory Hole Cum Chuggers

Glory Hole Cum Chuggers
About: In the 50's, hot food popped out of walls for folks to eat in places called Automats. Today, cum pops out of walls for hot gay boys to eat in "Glory Hole Cum Chuggers" from PUMPHOUSE MEDIA. This all-you-can-drink dickfest starts with DJ and Adam Loren luring Latin-Lust-Pot Martin Lorenzo into a booth to suck the juice out of his cock from the other side of the hole in the wall.

This is shot the way a hook up at a glory hole really feels: Raunchy, sweaty, and sticky, with fat dicks flopping at you from every direction and eager mouths ready lap up the 20 loads of spooge this serves up. There's one scene where the guys cum on each other's dick, then kneel down and eat back their own cum off the still hard schlong of their buddies.

With 12 cute guys to lust after and 20 loads of spooge to bask in, "Glory Hole Cum Chuggers" is a feast for your mouth, your eyes and your hard dick. And with all that dirty action happening on your screen, you'll soon loose track of the dozens of times this flick explodes your cock.

DJ (as seen in...)
Adam Loren (as seen in...)
Cody Marsh (as seen in...)
Drake Denton (as seen in...)
Jay Riggz (as seen in...)
Christian Nash (as seen in...)
Tyler Reeves (as seen in...)
Tucker Jensen (as seen in...)
Johny Rocket (as seen in...)
Ryley Nyce (as seen in...)
Martin Lorenzo (as seen in...)
Kal Sparks (as seen in...)

Director: Kevin Chain, Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker
Editing/Music: Lester Moore


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SKU 08PHM006
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features: 95 minutes, Scene Selection, Slideshow, Widescreen, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2008
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: -Kloten69, Radvideo.com
    Two cute guys walk into an arcade. One is DJ and the other Adam Loren. It’s unclear throughout the film which one is which. One has curly hair dyed pink yellow and green with a pierced tongue, great uncut cock and the tattoo of a turtle on his upper arm and his partner in cock sucking has straight hair, a cut cock and a U.S. flag on his upper arm. Both are cum hungry and have arrived at the glory hole to suck as much cock as they can.

    On there way into a booth they pass a tall slender guy that watches them walk into a cubicle. As soon as the door closes he walks into the neighboring cubicle. Both booths have glory holes and the single guy pushes his dick through where it is hungrily devoured by the two guys that walked into together. Both boys take turns sucking on this lovely cock and kissing each other as they tongue sandwich the stiff meat poking through the hole. As they continue to suck, one of them pauses to release his partners cock and begins sucking it while fisting the glory hole cock. They then switch and the curly haired one stands and releases his uncut cock which quickly rises to the occasion and is sucked. The two guys take turn sucking and nuzzling one another while they trade off on whose sucking the glory hole cock. There’s something wonderful about butt cheeks clenching and a cock thrusting into an open mouth with the sound of wood creaking while our two cock hounds pause to suck each other. Both boys are rewarded with the creamy white essence that they’ve worked so hard to get and they slurp and share the ejaculate that shoots forth. As the boys savor the flavor, glory hole man zips up and leaves. As he exits another horny guy takes his place and the sucking begins anew.

    This time glory hole guy is as anxious to suck as he is to get sucked and he accommodates both boys with some cock sucking of his own. His cock curves up and both guys take turns on it alternating between sucking him and swabbing his balls until he erupts. Production values are very good and you get 20 loads from a variety of cocks