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Snow Ballin'

Snow Ballin'

Factory Extreme's "Snow Ballin'" will fulfill your desire to swap cum with your man. Director Viper brings us a full 1 hour and 27 minutes featuring 2 hot scenes that will have your mouth begging to be filled with cum.

First we find Dane Carson and Mathew Rodriguez making out while rubbing each other down. We soon find out that they're not alone, with Jamie Madison and Blake Daniels making out on another couch in the room. These studs are hungry for cock and it's not long before they start sucking each other's dicks. These studs feast upon their long wet members, making sure no dick gets neglected. For a while they stick with their original partners but soon enough we find them exchanging cocks to suck, making sure every flavor of dick gets sampled. They honestly can't get enough rod and you know with all this cock sucking happening on screen that the payoff in the end is going to be huge. Dane works up a massive wad of cum and ejaculates it all over Mathew and Blake's awaiting faces. The studs pass Dane's seed around while Blake continues to jack himself off. Jamie is up next to cum, spraying his white sticky man juice into Mathew's eager mouth. Mathew let's Jamie have a taste of his own seed, spitting it back into his thirsty mouth. Dane blows a load into Blake's mouth, with Jamie getting a quick taste of his juice too. Mathew and Jamie lick the jizz off of Blake's body and spit into his open mouth, letting him feast upon a mix drink made up of each studs warm cum.

Still stroking it? This next scene is sure to finish you off. Cassidy Hayes is rubbing Lance Bennet down while Chris Archer and Aaron Burner make out with each other near the horny couple. If 4 studs are not enough for you, we find Jack Thunder and Hunter Hanley on the leather couch making out while beating off. With 6 studs all in one scene, you're sure to find your perfect cock. They waste no time sucking each other off, making sure every inch of cock in the room stays hard and wet. This is pure dick sucking ecstasy these men are experience as they work each other into a full blow job flurry. Some of them take it slow, taking their time to push and pull their cock out of a lucky mouth. Others go to town on their lucky partner's throat, pounding it hard and fast with each thrust of their hips. Aaron proves to be all man and takes on two thick rods at once! These guys are on their knees waiting for every drop of their partners warm juice and it's not long before the cum goes flying all over this room. They take turns swapping it between each other's mouths, making sure everyone gets a sample of their cock goo.

This DVD is sure to quench your thirst for jizz. Pop in "Snow Ballin'" and imagine spitting a nice warm load back into your partner's mouth!

Matthew Rodriguez
Dane Carson
Blake Daniels
Jamie Madison
Cassidy Hayes
Lance Bennett
Chris Archer
Aaron Burner
Hunter Hanley
Jack Thunda

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Killer Bob
Editing: Gaylord Fucker

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DVD Features:
  • 89 Minutes
Year Released: 2011
In Store Price: $49.95
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