Three HOT, ALL SEX, NO PLOT scenes! Nothing but pure fucking and sucking! No plot--just plowing! Yep, these guys have got their ass in a sling...literally...and just waitin' for some good convict style fuckin'!

Seth Handler
Trevor Hobbs
Eli Horst
Jeremy Reddick
Ukiah Woods

Directors: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Producers: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece

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DVD Features: 81 Minutes, Photo gallery, Chapter selection, Digitally mastered, Cumshot compilation
Year Released: 2002
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Oliver Penn,
    "As advertised by Factory Video, this movie has no plot, just sex. I was impressed by Antonio in "Ass Under Glass" and was pleased to see him cast in this video. If Trevor Hobbs ("Getting Tail in the City") ever gets serious about porn, he could be one of the major tops. Hobbs is "husband material" for a lot of lovesick bottoms out there looking for a blue-collar type with no feminine attributes. After some mutually satisfying blowjobs, it certainly looked like "hubby and wife" or "man and whore" when Hobbs shoved his butt-stretcher into Antonio. The camera work, as always, is sublime. I describe it as "intimate gonzo" because Scott Morris and Frank Parker bring you so close to the action, you begin to empathize with either the fucker or fuckee, depending on your fantasy. The fucking is very hot with Antonio in a sling, his butt/pussy taking a major pounding. Tony cums gallons. They seal it with a kiss.

    Rising star, Seth Handler ("Blue Collar" "Oink 2") is teamed with rough hunky brute, Eli Horst, who looks like he was born in a sex club's backroom. Eli has pig tits that have been pulled, yanked and abused for years and he obviously loves having his balls worked over. His experienced slut butt takes Handler's mighty dick with ease and he gets bitch-fucked while on his knees and his back -- legs up and spread. "Want me to fuck that fuzzy hole?" Seth taunts as Horst moans and whimpers in ecstasy. Both have shattering orgasms.

    Jeremy Reddick ("Jockstrap Whores" "Dick Me") and humpy Ukiah Woods are physical opposites. Jeremy is fair, redheaded and blue-eyed while Woods is a thin, well-built brown-skinned twink. Ukiah has a wonderful thick dick, which stretches Jeremy's mouth for days! Woods then prepares Reddick's puckered sphere with a knowledgeable tongue. Firstly, he fills Jeremy's ass with a sizeable dildo that is not as big as Ukiah's monster; then, he shoves Jeremy's dick up his own ass along with the dildo! By the time Redd takes Ukiah's wood, his asshole is loose enough for THREE of what Ukiah is offering. What a fuckin' hole!"