Boy Sweat

Boy Sweat
Six eighteen to twenty-five year old young studs work up a sweat, stretching open their mouths and asses! Four nasty scenes.

Billy Bowers
Anthony David
Marc Jacobs
Matt Nelson
Pete Ross
Robby Wood

Director: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Producer: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece


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DVD Features: 90 Minutes, Outtakes, Photo gallery, Chapter selection, Digitally mastered, Cumshot compilation
Year Released: 2004
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - LTL3, RAD Video
    "It has been a while since this reviewer has had the opportunity to review a Factory Video Production. It is good to see that they are still putting out quality product. "Boy Sweat," their latest video gives the viewer four scenes of simple, uncomplicated sex in a work populated by six eager twinkish performers. The setting is supposed to be a cruisy gym, but luckily production design is not too important in porn.

    Three of the four scenes feature guy's who start working out on exercise equipment but cum working out on each other. The first scene features Pete Ross and Billy Bowers. Both are slender and baby-faced and horny little fucks. Ross, the blond, is pierced in at least five different places and a definite moaner when it comes time to cum. The second scene pairs Anthony David and Matt Nelson. I wouldn't think twice if I saw either of these men in a high school hallway wearing varsity jackets. Nelson is tall and slim, and sports a long and thick cock, but also shows he's not above taking it up the ass like a man too. David, who reminds me of a young Lou Diamond Phillips, is a hell of a bottom. Some of the best moments of "Boy Sweat" come when he's fucking himself on Nelson's penis to toe-curling effect. Matt Nelson is back for the third scene, a locker room coupling with Robby Wood. Woody and Nelson could almost be brothers. They have similar features, body types, and dicks. Woody's dick is however slightly thicker and longer, I think. But after the two trade blowjobs, it is Nelson who does all the fucking in the scene. The final scene finds Woody at home when lover Marc Jacobs arrives asking if he'd seen Woody leaving the gym. Woody denies it, but quickly starts undressing his man. The two men engage in some oral action that includes them trading blowjobs and sixty-nining. Once again, when it's time for fucking Woody does the bottom duties. Also, just as it did with Nelson, Woody's wood remains stiff as a board while Jacobs fucks him.

    Overall, most of the things I liked about earlier Factory Video movies are there: the attractive, sexy performers, the facial cumshots and even some cum eating, and the live sound...I doubt that "Boy Sweat" will fail to turn on anyone with an eye and lust for horny young men."