Club Onyx

Club Onyx
Club ONYX is a sex club that attracts a mainly African American clientele. Sire and his horny buddies steam up your TV with this honest and genuine sexual expression of lust. Real Men of color having real sleazy sex. It's what you expect from Factory Video Productions with an all black cast. Both Fans of black men and fans of Factory Videos will treasure this sex club sleaze fest.

Rod Arid
Dennis Lee
Ukiah Woods

Directors: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece, Frank Parker

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DVD Features: 73 Minutes, Digitally remastered, click 'n cum chapter selection, photo gallery
Year Released: 2003
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Oliver Penn, RAD Video
    The 'theme' here seems to be that a bathhouse, called Club Onyx, draws men of color with huge equipment to the establishment. I suppose this is a bathhouse, because the men are clad in towels and there are lockers and benches.

    First up is slutty twink, Rod Arid, who encounters fellow new arrival, Ukiah Woods, as they get undressed. Woods inquires if this is Rod's "first time here," and without even an exchange of names, they have sex (what sluts we can be!). Young Arid is a dedicated cocksucker and has probably been swinging on dicks since he was three. Amid the sword swallowing, Ukiah teases him with some realistic sleaze talk ("your mouth feels just like a pussy.") I remember Mr. Woods from two other videos I reviewed, and his good looks, slim, sensual body and beautiful skin color impressed me. But, above all, he has an incredible cock, which rivals the biggest and most awesome in all of porn...

    Bobby Brown-look-alike, Sire, is no stranger to mainstream porn. I've seen him fuck Sky Donovan a couple of times and he's made a name for himself over the past two years. Here, he is coupled with Rome, a fair-skinned, nicely built dude with a lovely curved dick. Rome's crotch is super hairy and his balls are not shaved while (brace yourself) silky hair runs up the crack of his ass. Rome is slim, but has a nicely defined body and he knows how to fuck. After some mutual prick sucking with Sire (cock rivals Chad Hunt's), Rome dominates the mainly top stud, who has difficulty taking the fat piece anally. Perhaps the "bitch position" on his back (legs up) was the problem. When he changes to doggy-style, that hefty meat sinks like Jimmy Hoffa with bricks tied to his thighs.

    A threeway with Sire, Rome and Dennis Lee follows...He's put in a sling and fucked by the two men and with Scott Morris' nosey cam, we see why Dennis works so much. That butthole is stretchy, accommodating and easily takes monster dicks like these with no prob."