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Cum Suckers 12

Cum Suckers 12
With over 100 cum shots and over two hours of footage, "Cum Suckers 12" is the mother-load for fans of cum eating. Featuring scenes from all of Factory Video's studios, not only does Number Twelve give you buckets of cum, you can easily take all that cum anywhere. This title can be downloaded on your iPod, cowboy. Have splooge, will travel.

And just like the eleven before it in this popular series, "Cum Suckers 12" gives you every jizz-munch situation imaginable: Delectable twink jizz. Humpy Daddy jizz. Three-way jizz. Jizz with fucking on the side. Punk jizz. Latin jizz. Why, there's even cowboy jizz for your iPod, cowboy. And that's not the half of it. This DVD has cum flying at you from every direction. You'll be tempted to duck every time they suck. But don't. You won't want to miss one drop.

How do you handle a hungry man? Feed 'em "Cum Suckers 12" for some nut nectar they won't soon forget.

2 Hours of over 100 cocks shooting hot loads into welcoming mouths!

Directors: Scott Morris, Joe Serna, Kevin Chain, Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker
Editing: Gord Reece


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SKU 08FVP002
Weight 0.34 lbs
DVD Features: 2 Hours, I POD Verison mpeg 4, Chapter index, Loop play, Website
Year Released: 2008
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: -Keeneye Reeves, TLAvideo.com
    "The series for cum freaks!" Man, they're not kidding. Factory Videos serves up the twelfth heaping helping of cum gargling, man oyster sauce spewing, thick ropy white stuff expelling, boy batter gulping, lobster bisque belching, and snake draining deluge of guys who gobble down every chunk of cum cheddar in site. We suggest having tissues handy. And don't forget to duck.
  • Author: Arthur Arthur, Radvideo.com
    “Over 100 Cum Shots!” brags the case, but the action also throws in a lot of terminal sucking of big stiff cocks, fast final fucking of crotches hairy and slick, shooting onto one’s self or another dude, and frequent ejaculate-eating. There are also occasional slo-mo shoots, and some face-fouling and shooting directly into mouths

    Guys are in the twink-youth range, all white, frequently tattooed, less often studded or ringed, only once or twice funny-haired. I spotted only one redhead and one cowboy hat, and only a couple of backwards baseball caps. No movie could be more fun for a party or casual seduction.