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Furry Fuckers

Furry Fuckers
Six hot hairy horny men fuck like animals.

Andy Dill
Duncan Murphy
Steve Parker
Trent Scott
John Truitt
Billy Wild

Directors: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Producers: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece


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DVD Features: 90 Minutes, Photo gallery, Chapter selection, Digitally mastered, Cumshot compilation, Behind-the-scenes footage
Year Released: 2003
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Cubby Britches, tlavideo.com
    "I admit it, I like watching all types of porn. Polished, high budgeted and creatively told stories mixed with hot sex. Amateur porn, foreign porn with subtitles (Amelie does not count), hey if it's hot, break out the lube. I also like it simple and neat. Call it the basic rutting quashes my need for no frills, hot hairy guys and sex with no window dressing.

    Set in one room, the film kicks off with enthusiastic spit swapping between Billy Wild and shaved head hottie Andy Dill. Then, we flip to the other side of the room, where tight cropped, pierced, and tattooed Duncan Murphy is ‘macking on John Truitt. Flipping back and forth between the Wild-Dill and the Murphy-Truitt couplings, tools are sucked, nipples are plucked, ahh hell, everyone is pawing at each other like this is the last time they are going to ever fuck. I’m surprised you can’t smell the male sweat oozing from the television.

    Upstairs in the loft platform, follically enriched Steve Parker is feeding his "boy" Trent Scott, a healthy dose of daddy penis, slapping meat all over Scott's stubbly face (whack, whack, you take that). As if the sexual energy can’t get more intense, the film begins to switch back and forth to the upstairs/downstairs action. (No British maids were harmed in the making of this film.) I was on the edge of my seat, and if I have to tell you what I was doing, you don’t get it.

    Wild, Truitt, Murphy and Dill (the downstairs crew) begin a sweaty fourway. Truitt receives an aggressive ramming from Murphy's pierced member while Dill gets wild on Wild, missionary style. Wild cums and Truitt is literally laid on his back for a continual assault on his booty by the pierced wonder. Flash to upstairs where the oral service is thick and heavy. Parker can’t stands no more and proceeds to plow Scott in this order: bent over, doggy style, Scott sitting on dick, some trippy Kama Sutra position that has to be seen to be believed, Scott on his side, on his tummy and back to sitting on it. (Going to the gym at this point is moot with the amount of exercise these two do.) Scott shoots right into Parkers salt ‘n pepper goateed mouth, and Parker pops his weasel on Scott's tongue and up his nose (that has got to burn).

    Meanwhile, back in the Bat Cave, I mean downstairs, Dill is dicking Wild, Murphy mounts Wild, Truitt invades Wild - it’s Gays Gone Wild! Dill, going wild over all the Wild-ness, lays down and gets royally rammed by Murphy. Wet, sweaty fur everywhere and soon like good sperm donors, they drop loads right on Dill's hairy chest and stomach.

    Furry Fuckers cuts to the chase and doesn't waste time with story, acting or even sets. Furry men get hot and get off with good lighting to capture every hairy nook and cranny of all those close-ups of sucking and fucking. The seamless editing helps keep the rhythm and action moving, exploding in a crescendo of sex and love juicing."

  • Author: - Oliver Penn, RADvideo.com
    "In what looks like an impromptu sex party, we find six hairy, hunky men -- naked, kissing, tit-pinching and ferociously sucking cock. The camera work by producers/directors Scott Morris and Frank Parker is expert gonzo, as usual, and the participants have that "let's make this hot" attitude.

    Duncan Murphy, of course, elevates any movie in which he appears to boiling point status and he doesn't disappoint here. First, he's coupled with porcine John Truitt whom he treats like a cheap-ass slut (Truitt doesn't mind!)...the scene switches to stud-daddy, Steve Parker and skinhead hunk, Trent Scott who caught my eye in Factory's "Tender, Tough & Nasty." Scott bottoms in both films, but he has top man equipment, which he should put to good use in the future. Parker's hairy crotch rivals Duncan's and looks super hot, as does his super bubble butt, when shot from behind, while he's pounding ass. Hold that shot, Mr. Morris!

    The "yelp bug" bites Billy and he starts yapping like a Pekinese. To shut him up, Murphy forces his bone down Wild's noisy-dog throat. The action is lively and gets downright lewd when Duncan shoves his tongue in somebody's mouth or up another guy's man pussy. He just overwhelms anybody with whom he's paired. Grrrrrrrr!!!..."