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Hungry For Seed

Hungry For Seed
Pumphouse Media's "Hungry For Seed" is the ultimate dick sucking experience. Director Viper brings us 4 hot scenes on a DVD that will keep your dick throbbing for 1 hour and 30 minutes. This DVD features 21 actors who are all begging for their dicks to get sucked hard. Are you ready for this? Is your dick ready for this? Sit back, pop it in and start stroking!

In the first scene you'll find 6 horny guys who are all begging for seed. No matter where you look you'll see some hot man getting there dicks sucked. With so many nice cocks being sucked, you know there's going to be a ton of cum being sprayed around soon. Any type of dick you could ever want you'll find in this room, from the fattest, to the longest, from cut to uncut, they're all present and being sucked.

This party keeps getting hotter as more guys join in the fun. They even bust out some toys with a cock being sucked through a glory hole. This is the party you've wanted to come to for years! Imagine it, 21 hot men, 21 hot dicks, and all the seed you can eat. Each scene delivers on the cock sucking action, which will leave you drooling for some cum to swallow. When these guys finally cum, it is epic. Man juice covers their hot faces and bodies, leaving their appetites for cum fulfilled.

What are you waiting for? It's time you quench your thirst for jizz and a good place to start is with "Hungry For Seed". This DVD will leave you wanting to call up your hottest friend and go to town on their nice thick cock, sucking out every drop of seed and letting them cover your sweaty body in their hot sticky man juice.

London Orion
Acheron Krosser
Aron Burner
Nik Reeves
Ken Price
Davy Licks
Vennue Longhorn
Tek Holden
Deric McCoy
Cory Stevens
Winston Cummer
Drew Robins
Shawn Ske
Randall Lakes
Rock Lee
Domini Diaz
Jarek Lyson
Mic Vargas
Tyler Stevens
Triston Hall

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker


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Year Released: 2010
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