Man 2 Man

Man 2 Man
Cock-to-cock, dick-to-hole, mouth-to-ass, mouth-to-cock: it's all man-2-man. This leather-laden film features hot bodies, big dicks and butch men. It's all-male gay sex with cock-to-cock action!

Alec Brawley
Max Reed
Steven Richards
Steve Parker
Marc Sterling
John Truitt

Director: Scott Morris
Producers: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece


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DVD Features: 90 Minutes, Digitally mastered, click 'n cum chapter selection, photo gallery, bonus and deleted footage, contact info
Year Released: 2003
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Oliver Penn,
    "As with most Factory Videos, there is little setup. This film is no exception. When it opens, we see the oh-so-delectable Max Reed, on his knees, deep-throating a big one. It belongs to hunky Alec Brawley who offers his hind parts as an appetizer before the main course. The "main course" turns out to be Max's willing hole. He's thrown over a table and gives up his butt willingly. Both men are adept at dirty talk and there is just enough here. My imagination tells me that this was a leather bar pickup. Scott Morris' cam work is sublime and the DVD has a marvelous look to it. Very clear and clean with Morris' photography as nosey as ever. He shoots close-ups that would have even Norma Desmond raving.

    Reed is certainly humpy. I've seen his name bandied about in other productions and wondered what the shouting was all about. Well, he's hot, is a good bottom and licks up cum like it's ice cream. Alec shoots all over Max's face, licks off the jizz and shoves it in Reed's mouth while they kiss deeply.

    In a video store, man-on-the-prowl, John Truitt, encounters another customer (Steve Parker) who's checking out the new DVDs. Well, we know John, don't we? He's giving Parker the once over and before he can say, "my asshole needs fucking," Steve's cock is ramming his throat. Steve's hirsute torso and manly, oh so hairy crotch had me reaching for my Rush. Haven't these two whores had one another before? If they have, you'd never know it, for they go at it like sexpig strangers. The tongue kissing is hot! It's not brief, but involved (wonderful close-ups). John manages to utter huskily, "I want you to fuck me..." Before Parker does, he spanks Truitt's butt and then shoves the big one home. John takes a piston-like doggy screw and then gets bitch-fucked on his back (legs up). Great cam work, shot from behind, featuring Parker's mouth-watering buns.

    I've reviewed Steven Richards in several films - he's a favorite of mine. He looks better in Man2Man than he does in his other films. Factory must have had its mojo working. Dressed only in leather harnesses, Steven meets Marc Sterling on the staircase. DON'T ASK ME -- I DON'T KNOW WHERE THEY ARE! Both men are hung big and are instantly hard. After much cock sucking, they move to the "dark at the top of the stairs." Actually, they find a table, not a bed to continue their fornication. Richards is a total top, so if you pick him up in a bar, expect to get fucked, Lucille."