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Scent of a Fetish, Videos Number 1 & 2 - Double Feature

Scent of a Fetish, Videos Number 1 & 2 - Double Feature
Video Number One
"Hot porn star Frank Parker has branched out from modeling in videos to making his own; this film marks his directorial debut. Video Number One opens with Frank "preparing" a t-shirt for Factory Video customer David (he's ordered a sweaty and used t-shirt from Frank). Frank talks to the camera while beating off in his building's basement. Even the videographer can't control himself - we see his hand reach out from behind the camera and start playing with Frank's hard and pulsing cock. (It's as if our hand were there too!) After Frank cums all over himself, he wipes himself off with the t-shirt (the one for David) and stuffs it into an envelope to mail it off. We see David (a smooth and muscular boy-next-door type) as he receives the t-shirt in the mail and gets off to the smelly and cum-drenched underwear Frank has sent him. Gagging himself with the t-shirt, David dildo-fucks himself to orgasm. It's great to see the young boystud totally pig out on Frank's rank and nasty t-shirt."

Video Number Two
"The first scene has Frank and David getting together (they came up with this scenario just so they could fuck). They really get off on each other's armpits. They swap spit and even lick up each other's loads after some hot armpit cumshooting that needs to be seen to be believed. The next scene features Scott, who has both a business suit fetish and a hankering for office boy Sam. Sam is willing to do anything for a raise. Anything. Scott lets Sam know who's boss here (Scott has a very dirty mind) by forcing him to suck his feet. You will not believe the "sock fuck" scene."

David Astor
Frank Parker
Scott Morris
Sam Ritter

Directed By: Scot Morris, Frank Parker
Producer: Scott Morris, Gord Reece, Frank Parker


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DVD Features: 114 Minutes, Chapter selection, Digitally mastered,
Year Released: 1999-2000
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Bryan Holden, radvideo.com,
    "Your enjoyment of S.F. Fetish Factory's 'Video Number 1' is dependent on whether or not you have a thing for guys like Frank Parker. He is probably in his early 30s, with a buzzed haircut, a goatee, some tattoos, a hairy chest, and a muscular body. Parker spends the first half of the film wanking in his basement, preparing a special package for a fan. Said fan is David Astor, who we will meet later.

    Parker says he has been wearing the same white T-shirt for the past few days, and according to him and the unseen cameraman, it is rank. This T-shirt ends up seeing a lot of action, as after Parker's finishes fingering his hole and jerking off, the shirt is used to wipe his chest and face. It's promptly sealed into a Ziploc bag and stuffed into a Priority Mail package.

    The package arrives at Astors' abode and the T-shirt is put through its paces. Astor, who has wonderfully fit body and abs for days, rubs the shirt all over his body. He smells it, stuff it in his mouth and grinds his dick into it. Ultimately, he dildos himself into a tizzy, before shooting his load with a small butt plug lodged in his ass.

    While a 58 minute video is a bit hard to pull of with only two actors, "Video Number 1" works well considering the concept of the amateur film."

  • Author: - Jason Bradshaw, AVN.com
    "This video has two very different but good scenes: the first features a man who likes to lick his own armpits. He and his partner also get off on swapping spit and licking up their own cum after they have some rough sex. The second scene is between a businessman and his boy. The businessman has the boy lick his shoes and feet to his morbid satisfaction. Then he places a sock on his cock, then a condom, and fucks the boy silly until he cums on his face. The men generate lots of heat, and their heavy breathing helps cover up most of the background noise."

  • Author: - Tyler Dunn
    "This DVD combines the first two Factory Video Productions (Video One and Video Two), and the scent of unwashed studs is the theme. In the first segment Frank Parker displays his cum and piss stained jockstrap in a hot solo with lots of nasty talk. Frank bends over and spreads his furry cheeks, showing off his raw asshole, worked over the previous night with a lot of dildos and toys. Next, buff, lean David Astor stars in a solo, where he works his ass over with some dildos while chewing and sniffing a stained and nasty jock. David is hugely hung, and watching him work his cock is a definite turn on. David sports a guiche piercing, right above his lovely asshole. His cumshot is drenches his lower belly with jizz while the dildo remains buried deep inside.

    In Part 2, David co-stars with Frank, and their sex play involves lots of intense armpit sniffing and dick and asshole licking. Frank then plows David's hungry ass like a man gone wild.

    The remaining scene is a duo with Scott Morris. Scott works over pussy boy Sam Ritter in an office, and Sam can't get enough of Scott's sweaty socks. Scott wraps one of the socks around his erection, then pulls a condom over it and fucks Sam from behind, and the scene ends with a huge facial cumshot where Sam gets Scott's enormous load, and some of it even lands in Sam's open mouth."