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Sticky Situations

Sticky Situations
Grab a towel!ï¾  Because with 9 guys and 11 cum shots in this film, that's how "Sticky Situations" is going to leave you. Introducing Ryler Jackson.ï¾  Also starring Power-shooters Shane, Tristian, Brock LaBelli, Tony Hammer, and Stephan shooting cum everywhere.ï¾  Not to be outdone, Jonathan Priest, Derek, and Dakota make their own sticky situations.

If you like to see a hot guy cum all over his face or body.ï¾  If you like to see a guy rub his cum all over himself or eat it, then this film is not to be missed.ï¾  Ready to make your own sticky situation...?

Jonathan Priest
Tony Hammer
Defiant Exclusive Shane
Brock LeBelli
Introducing Ryler Jackson

Director: Joe Serna
Casting: Joe Serna
Producer: Joe Serna

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DVD Features: 90 Minutes, Cumshot review, Model interviews, Chapter selection, Digitally mastered
Year Released: 2007
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Marc Hamilton, Radvideo.com
    “Sticky Situations” from Defiant Productions is yet another fun jack-off video from director, Joe Serna. I’ve seen dozens of videos from Defiant and the more I watch them the more I love them. They are consistently good when it comes to the genre that they have put themselves in. In this particular DVD we are introduced to some new talent and are treated to some of my favorites that have been with Defiant Productions since the beginning. It was great to see Tristian back again. He truly is my favorite out of all of the Defiant boys! He’s such a nasty guy with a fun, playful attitude…I love it! Also back are Shane and Brock LaBellie…although I must say that I was a bit disappointed in Brocks’ performance this time out. It was a bit boring out of the 10 scenes in this DVD.

    New to the company is Ryler Jackson who has potential. He loves talking to those watching him, which makes a solo scene a little hotter. Stephan is also new and quite hot. Johnathan Priest starts out the DVD in a big way (in more ways than one) and Tony Hammer shoots two incredible cum shots that were amazing. All of these guys were really great to watch and I certainly hope that Joe Serna uses them in future productions! Derik (another new guy) sums it up well when he says, “You like watching me jack off? I like it when you jack off too!” and on he goes pumping his cock and showing off for the camera!

    If any of you are looking for something more from Defiant Productions that you haven’t already seen, this really isn’t any different from anything else that they have put out. But again, I like that consistency and they are a company that I rely on for that! For those of you reading this review that hasn’t seen a Defiant Production, I would highly recommend that you do…if you like watching guys (straight, gay and/or bi) getting off in front of the camera. Most of the guys are skater boyz off the street and they have this great nasty attitude and a desire to make a little money shooting their loads. There are great close-up shots and some hefty loads that get pumped out of their rock hard cocks.