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Working Girl Video

Working Girl Video is committed to creating hot, low-fi, hard-core porn for dykes of all persuasions. Our videos are made with an all-girl crew, all of whom dig pussy and are tired of feeling left out when it comes to fun and raunchy erotic entertainment. We love showing women of all shapes, colors, styles and gender persuasions and believe that the best dyke porn is made by simply filming dykes having authentic, pussy-pounding clit-thumping nipple-biting hair-pulling ass-slapping hot sex! We love making our videos, and we know you'll love watching them.


Working Girlz
A dyke-made porn just for dykes - and their friends! It's real dykes having real, hardcore, pussy-pounding, power-tool wielding, soaking wet, hair grabbing, ass smacking hot sex!

Our Price: $19.95
In Store Price: $34.95 off 43%