Fuck With Me

Fuck With Me

Street Trade Studios "Fuck With Me" is 1 hour and 30 minutes of men who do not mind being fucked around with. Director Joe Serna delivers 3 hot scenes featuring some of your favorite hung stars. This is one time that you won't mind being fucked with...

Scene one opens up with Triston Hall and Corey Sullivan moving a table. These two studs know how mix up there work and play and decided to take a break and relax with some hardcore fucking. Corey gives Triston's cock a good tongue licking while playing with his own hard dick. Triston pounds Corey's ass into submission while giving it a good spanking. To finish it off Triston blows his load all over Corey's mouth. We can't forget about our man Corey's cock, which he strokes off and cums all over the table. He then licks his load off the table and says "fuck with me", which you'll be dreaming about for nights to come.

Next we meet Xavier Nice, who has his ass and dick rubbed by Trey Richards and Ash McCoy as he climbs down a ladder. At first Xavier wonders if he is being fucked with, but soon realizes his ass will soon literally be fucked. Trey and Ash take turns giving his ass a good pounding. These hung men don't neglect their mouths to, making sure to fit in some good dick sucking action. In the end the all give each other steamy hot cum baths.

The final scene finds new comer Mic Vargas in an argument with his girl on the phone. Josh Myers and Tommy Murdoc happen to hear his struggle as they walk by and invite him back to their motel room for some relaxation. Once up there Mic soon realizes that their idea of relaxing involves hard cocks. At first he wonders if they are fucking with him, but soon receives a far better blow job than his girl could ever deliver. The dick sucking continues and leads into some of the hottest ass fucking you've ever witnessed. Josh rides Tommy like a horse before these guys take turns covering each other in cum.

This DVD will leave you wanting to invite some hung friend over and literally fuck with them.

Triston Hall (as seen in...)
Corey Sullivan (as seen in...)
Ash McCoy (as seen in...)
Trey Richards (as seen in...)
Xavier Nice (as seen in...)
Mic Vargas (as seen in...)
Tommy Murdoc (as seen in...)
Josh Myers (as seen in...)

Directed By: Joe Serna
Produced By: Scott Morris, Gord Reece

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Year Released: 2010
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