I'm Not Gay!

I'm Not Gay!
About: Scott Morris and Gord Reece have one paramount goal for any movie they produce: Real men having real sex, right away! They leave dick teasing and suggestions of sex to that television network devoted to real women. Morris and Reece want veiny cocks and raunchy sex right here, right now, up close and personal. This new Street Trade DVD "I'm Not Gay," directed by Joe Serna, happily follows that format. These guys might not be gay when the camera starts rolling (and a lot of Street Trade models ARE straight boys/gay-for-pay), but five seconds into the first scene, guys are unzipping sleeping bags and wolfing down wieners faster than you can say, "Gentlemen, pitch your tent." .

Also happily, not only are there some beautifully eager boys in this flick, with Martin Lorenzo leading that pack, there's also a hell-of-a-lotta cum eating in this flick. Somebody is always lapping up somebody else's belly-batter. I'm not gay, I'm just thirsty for your raunchy, jizz juice! One of the few folks that doesn't belly up to the boner bar is an inflatable girl-doll that's man handled in the third scene. But like the pro that she is, all her love holes can swallow a dick without fear of any punctures. Nasty girl!

The box cover alone deserves an honorable mention. It's a close-up shot of Dempsey Stearns' lips straining to wrap themselves around Cody Mason's beautiful, thick rod, with this look on Stearns' face that reads somewhere in between bliss and horror, obviously thinking Cody's monster cock is never going to end?

I'm up for an endless boner buffet. How about you?!

Drake Denton (as seen in...)
Richie Boi (as seen in...)
Cody Mason (as seen in...)
Dempsey Stearns (as seen in...)
Martin Lorenzo (as seen in...)
Tyler Reeves (as seen in...)
Nick Jarett (as seen in...)

Director: Joe Serna
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Killer Bob


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DVD Features: 91 minute, Chapters, Gallery
Year Released: 2008
In Store Price: $44.95
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