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We were formed in June of 1998 after a spring of conversations about wanting to do amateur videos, pics, and more. We started out just selling our dirty underwear as San Francisco Fetish Factory. It was a way to generate interest and some money to start photograph sets and now videos and internet streaming.

We are a company of three guys, who've all done porn. We want to make erotic material that has the appeal of amateur models, with the quality of professional shooting. We operate with the input of our customers. It is one of the reasons we made this a primarily web based company. This medium allows you to let us know what you want. It is flexible enough that we can make changes that reflect your input on a regular basis. This is your company in as much as it is ours.

In recent years Factory Videos has adopted many other studios into our family. Each one has a different style and taste, but, all carry the same Factory love of recording the actual sex lives of gay men. Often using amateur models shot with professional standards.

Factory Video Productions was first to make video for online viewing, first to have their entire catalog available on DVD, first to shoot and release High Definition Video, we intend to always be on the frontier of services for our fans. Moving this year to more international representation.



Scott Morris

(Videography/Customer Support/Producer/Wholesale)

I worked in Night Clubs on the East Coast. And I had a part in William Higgin's "These Bases are Loaded" under the name Brian Richards. I moved to South Florida and became a bar manager. Moved to San Francisco in the 90's and returned to modeling in porn.

I started Factory Video Productions because I wanted to make videos that reflected my own tastes and was based on customer input, rather than that of producers who don't even watch the videos. I approached my long time friend Frank Parker with my idea of making fetish porn for people who's need weren't being met by mainstream porn. Using the internet to allow customers to directly influence what I'd make. Best of all I would only hire models who wanted to show off these fetishes. Guys actually into the scenes. I like to use my knack for picking out really regular looking guys who are genuinely kinky fuckers... a great combination. Thus, Factory Video was born.


Gord Reece

(Post Production and Tech Director)

Gordon Reece (Gord) was a South Florida columnist and journalist. Working nights in gay bars. Moved to San Francisco to be among men who appreciate a hairy, chunky guy.

Did a 1998 video "Bear Hunt" where he got to fuck Billy Adams. The experience was enough to let him know he wanted to work in porn. Factory Videos was his dream. He now runs the Post Production and Tech departments for the Factory family of Studios.

Passions are photography, baccarat, and leaving Blow Buddies wet and exhausted. Has been know to instigate public orgies in bars and then leaving when the place is a total mass of writhing, moaning men.



Kurt Schwanz

(Accountant / Bookkeeper)

Figuring out how much you can write off for lube and condom purchases makes accounting for Factory a far cry from Kurt's other banking jobs. His love of the bottom line is legendary. C-U-Next-Tuesday is heard throughout the office as he ends his shift each week.


Marc Sterling

(Office Manager/ Business Development)

Marc Sterling has joined our team to bring our online content to the leading edge. He has developed our network of sites you experience today and currently runs our affiliate operations and business development. His organization skills leads him to be the ringmaster in a porn carousel of Factory folk. You can reach Marc daily at the San Francisco office.


Leo Greco


After leaving behind a satisfying career as a bathhouse manager in Pittsburgh, PA, Leo now films and directs movies on the road for Blue Alley Studios and our Cum Pig Men Series as well as others. He is always on the hunt for new models and the next cum-loving star. If you have the look and a lust for cum(or for giving your cum), email Leo: leogreco@factoryvideos.com


Nick Moretti

(Director, Editor)

After spending over twenty years as an Art Director in Corporate America, Nick Moretti entered the Adult Entertainment Industry in 2006 where he started performing in gay adult films. He has modeled for most of the major gay porn studios over his career with an emphasis on the more extreme BDSM side. A couple of years ago he made the jump to the other side of the camera and started directing for Kink.com. He has also directed for Treasure Island Media and Dark Alley Media. Nick is now happy to call Factory Videos home, where he directs features and edits. Look for the start of Nick's new hot and kinky Factory Edge line very soon! Twitter: @nickmorettixxx Blog: nickmoretti.blogspot.com Website: www.nickmoretti.com


Damon Dogg

(Porn Star, Director)

Hello, this is Damon Dogg, I’m a San Francisco-based All-American gay porn celebrity. You may know me from when I was with Treasure Island Media, or from the series, “Damon Blows America” which featured myself traveling the country sucking off as many HOT men as I could find. I’ve appeared in 30+ titles from Factory Videos and Treasure Island Media. As well as behind the camera work directing and filming porn. On the flipside of my porn career, I’m a musician. Performing under the name of Jack Spade, I’ve performed for more than 10 years in a number of Rockabilly, Punk, Country and Blues bands. The latest band was “Sick Wolf” that I formed and fronted along with my friend Jezebel Bloom, Buck Ettee and Bryan Irwin. Sick Wolf is a Rockabilly band with a hint of Punk and Psycobilly/ Blues. We’ve released one CD and performed all over the NW in various bars and clubs. xoxoxxx Damon Dogg Twitter: @damondogg Blog: blog.damondoggxxx.com


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