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Better Than My Girlfriend

Better Than My Girlfriend
They know the sweet spots and how to work'em. They also know just how to stroke it (or suck it) while it's squirting out a big load. These Ft. Lauderdale dudes are proving that chicks don't know DICK!!!

Alec Brawley
Derrick Fleming
D.J. Krule
Slater Reed
Max Reed
Red Toller
Jonney Wayne
Palmer Wild
Steve Wood

Director: Michael Hitchcock
Producers: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece


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DVD Features: 90 Minutes, Scene Selection, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2004
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Arthur, Arthur , radvideo.com
    No romance. Four friendly Fort Lauderdale couples just use handy mouths, hands, cocks, and coozes, plus a solo.

    Jock Alec picks up George Peppard look-alike Max, on the harbor. In Alec’s apartment, they act like stripping and kissing are the expected thing. Alec sucks first, but there’s no role-playing. Blond Max kneels for a mouthful of shorter Alec’s bigger dick. What’s nice in this scene is, neither pretends to be going crazy with lust. They like sucking and getting sucked and compliment each other’s mouths and cocks. “Feels great.” “Tastes good.” They’re just out to use each other for oral and phallic pleasure. Anal sucking, too. I got my first load of the day off just from these guys’ easy-going attitude.

    Talk about taller, Tollar towers over Reed when they meet outside, but when they’re naked and lying on Reed’s bed, only the height of an erection matters. And friendly? These two rather skinny guys laugh as if the whole sex thing is kind of silly. They just jack themselves until Toller takes both dicks in one hand for a while. Then they both pump their wads onto Toller’s torso.

    Dairy Queen lickers Krule and Fleming are about the same height, but Fleming looks more lower-class than neat Krule. Fleming has the bigger dick, which he gently shoves Krule’s mouth onto. Krule stays there willingly, but waves his own small cock and asks Krule, “Want a taste?” Krule does, but it’s he who lays Fleming back and face-fucks him, then lifts his legs and eats the middle-class ass out good. He tells Flening “It’s hard for your ass, man.” Fleming says his hole is virgin, but it accepts Krule’s curved cock in one gulp. It seems to hurt Krule more to cum than to get cocked.

    Jogging-in-glasses nerd Wayne tells cool dude Wood, “There’s a game later,” but they wind up playing swallow-the-sword and eat-the-asshole with equal enthusiasm. Wayne takes his glasses off to tongue gut, and it’s he who grinds dick into the dude, man, with butt-burning force! And sprays a great wad!

    Skinny, limber Wild jacks into his mouth.