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Bustin' Ass

Bustin' Ass
Like watching guys get fucked in the ass? Then you need Bustin' Ass! These studs fuck and suck each other like it's their last ass fuckin' they're ever goin' to have!

Brad Davis
Andy Dill
Seth Handler
Lex Kyler
Andrew Peters
Steve Pierce

Directed by: Frank Parker
Produced by: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece


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SKU 03FVP008
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DVD Features: 90 minutes, Outtakes, Photo gallery, Digitally mastered, Chapter selection, Cumshot compilation, Behind-the-scenes footage, Studio contact and website information
Year Released: 2003
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: - Oliver Penn, RADvideo.com
    "What a great title! It's sure to get the attention of fierce bottoms perusing the gay section of the video store. They're sure to stop and check out this intriguing box cover. Factory has invited back a few of the stars that worked for them earlier in their careers. Steve Pierce, a man of many talents (especially in the butt hole department) opens the film, as he brings home super hunky trick, Seth Handler, for a nasty session. There are huge dildoes hovering in the background as they suck dick, fondle balls and swallow tongues. Pierce is a deep throater and Handler has the perfect thick dick to choke that throat!

    Pierce has a talented anus, and, it's kinda "purdy" before it gets stretched out of proportion. Seth shoves a bigger-than-life dildo up Steve's butt, causing him to groan with pleasure. After a few plunges, that hole resembles a whore's pussy. The whispered dirty talk is hot between the two men. Pierce's rubbery sphincter is like a circus act -- it performs all sorts of tricks with some strung-together butt plugs, which are a prelude to receiving Handler's mighty dick. Man, can he fuck. But, big dick is not enough for a satyr like Steve. Seth grabs a larger dildo and shoves it in that hole along side his dick, as bottomless pit, Steve, moans in depraved ecstasy. The insatiable Mr. Pierce then engulfs porn star, Bam's huge dildo as if he were sitting on a needle. What a hole.

    In a secluded area, Lex Kyler and Andrew Peters do the nasty, in and out of a van. Was this a pickup? Could be. Both are hairy and blue collar -- they moan like men and perform like pigs. Let's face it, us whores fornicate on the first date! Deep, nasty fucking ensures with Kyler laying much pipe up Peter's ass.

    Andy Dill is lusty. He's paired with equally decadent, Brad Davis (where have you been?) This is a very energetic scene and the men are hot for one another. They suck cock, eat ass (Andy's hole looks like it's been used and abused) and then Dill tops Brad (no surprise). Brad thoroughly eats out Andy's hairy cavern (nice job!). Afterwards, Mr. Dill gives Davis' arsehole a total pounding (dick then large dildo) with Brad sounding like a punk getting raped in prison. Pa-lease, Brad, you asked for it.

    Brief scene "set ups" would have enhanced this, otherwise, hot video. I like a little "tease" before I reach for my poppers."