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Lick it Clean

Lick it Clean
Ten hot guys show you how they lick it clean. Whether it's licking it off of a clipboard, skateboard, fingers, or just of themselves, these guys leave almost nothing behind. New Defiant Exclusive, Rick Waters, even uses a spoon to feed himself his sweet load. Fan favorites, Exclusives Gunner Raines and Brennan Stark, show us some unique ways in leaving no evidence behind. Big dicked, Levi Davis, shows us there is more than one way to use a mirror. New on the scene is sexy twink, Dawson Dixon, who gives us not one but two cum shots. Skater boy, Lucky D.C., allows us to watch what he does with his sweet cum after a day out chasing the ladies. Super-shooters Vincenzo and hot new face Gabriel Turner gives us loads that most people would be envious of. Horned up Reese Ander introduces us to his incredible handsome straight buddy Parker, and "Lick it Clean" is exactly what these guys do to each other.

Defiant Exclusive Gunner Raines
Levi Davis
Introducing Defiant Exclusive Rick Waters
Defiant Exclusive Brennan Stark
Introducing Lucky DC
Introducing Dawson Dixon
Introducing Gabriel Turner
Reese Ander
Introducing Parker

Director: Joe Serna
Casting: Joe Serna
Producer: Joe Serna
Editing: Matt Andrews

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DVD Features: 120 Minutes, Scene selection, Shooters chapter w/ slo-mo cum shots, Post scene interview with Gabriel Turner
Year Released: 2007
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Arthur, Arthur , radvideo.com
    Ten twinks, nine scenes, eleven ejaculations, all eaten, who could ask for anything more?

    Hot-eyed Raines, hunting something in a janitor’s closet, and finding that someone (the janitor?) has left a porn movie playing on a small TV, sits naked on a metal folding chair and, politely ignoring the camera-person’s shadow, jacks a wad into his hand and eats it.

    Friendly-faced Davis says he’s trying something different today. The huge size of his hard-on is certainly different enough. Apparently what’s novel to him is to show his clinched, challenging hole. He licks his thick load off of a mirror.

    Sad-eyed Vincenzo’s solo is about as uneventful as a not-bad-looking youth jacking a good-sized joint and fingering his hairy asshole can be, until his big shot falls short of his mouth and messes his black tank-top, which he licks clean.

    Though born with a smirk, Waters turns out to be a sweet kid, standing to show us his cock and advising us that he loves to be fucked. He eats his wad from a big, black spoon!

    Genuinely lovely Stark, in a white undershirt, apologizes for probably taking longer to jack than you are. He licks from a clipboard.

    When shaggy-headed, shaggy-faced, shaggy-holed Lucky, a young John Malkovich with personality to spare, walks in with a skateboard, you just know what he’s gonna lick load off it.

    Cute-as-a-sit-com Dawson’s drum-tight tool shoots a fountain of funk with him barely having touched it—and he apologizes! He tries to blow himself to atone, but just jacks another lot which he eats through his shirt.

    Almost cartoon-slender Turner turns out to have an almost-pornographic prick. On anyone less tall, you wouldn’t believe it! His throbbing hole, you’d worship on any man. He shoots and snacks on a transparent clipboard!

    Ander looks like a missionary, Parker like the most expensive lad in a high-class “gentlemen’s club.” After swapping sucks, Parker lies face-down and lets Ander fake-fuck that first-class ass—and eat off of it! Then Ander sits face-up, and gets it garnished with goo for Parker to feast on.