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Glory Hole Cum Chuggers

Glory Hole Cum Chuggers
About: In the 50's, hot food popped out of walls for folks to eat in places called Automats. Today, cum pops out of walls for hot gay boys to eat in "Glory Hole Cum Chuggers" from PUMPHOUSE MEDIA. This all-you-can-drink dickfest starts with DJ and Adam Loren luring Latin-Lust-Pot Martin Lorenzo into a booth to suck the juice out of his cock from the other side of the hole in the wall.

This is shot the way a hook up at a glory hole really feels: Raunchy, sweaty, and sticky, with fat dicks flopping at you from every direction and eager mouths ready lap up the 20 loads of spooge this serves up. There's one scene where the guys cum on each other's dick, then kneel down and eat back their own cum off the still hard schlong of their buddies.

With 12 cute guys to lust after and 20 loads of spooge to bask in, "Glory Hole Cum Chuggers" is a feast for your mouth, your eyes and your hard dick. And with all that dirty action happening on your screen, you'll soon loose track of the dozens of times this flick explodes your cock.

DJ (as seen in...)
Adam Loren (as seen in...)
Cody Marsh (as seen in...)
Drake Denton (as seen in...)
Jay Riggz (as seen in...)
Christian Nash (as seen in...)
Tyler Reeves (as seen in...)
Tucker Jensen (as seen in...)
Johny Rocket (as seen in...)
Ryley Nyce (as seen in...)
Martin Lorenzo (as seen in...)
Kal Sparks (as seen in...)

Director: Kevin Chain, Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker
Editing/Music: Lester Moore


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SKU 08PHM006
Weight 0.34 lbs
DVD Features: 95 minutes, Scene Selection, Slideshow, Widescreen, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2008
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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