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Coat My Throat
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"Eat as much cum as the island will give me."

Those are some of the first words spoken by Ryan Raz, our steamy discovery from Blue Alley Studio's "St. Louis Cum". To fulfill his wish, Ryan escapes from St. Louis, leaves his outer coat behind and lands in the center of Fire Island to coat his eager throat with buckets of cum.

And with that, he fulfills your wish by starring in "COAT MY THROAT", the next title from our popular, new line CUM PIG MEN.

Fire Island is hot in the summer. Hot men ready to shoot their wads. With the stunning Belvedere Guest House as a backdrop and men of Cherry Grove at his disposal, Ryan fills this DVD with blow jobs as nasty and hot than the sand at mid-day, splattered with more cum than there is water on the beach.

He sucks a Latin houseboy's dick, on a dock. Then, another guy's dick on a deck. He does a blond, straight looking, surfer dude in the dunes. There's "Meat Rack" sex, Daddy sex, semen by the sea and this great cock-sucking, view-from-below scene made possible by a glass porthole The Belvedere has in one of its floor.

"Eat as much cum as the island will give me." By the end of "Coat My Throat" it's clear that Ryan Raz gets his wish and the rest of us should visit the land of CUM PIG Men as much as possible.

Ryan Raz (as seen in...)
Ethan Rockaway
the boys of Fire Island

Director: Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker
Editing: Gaylord Fucker
Photography: Kevin Chain

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SKU 08CPM002
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DVD Features: 2 hours, Dolby Sound, Chapters, Gallery
Year Released: 2008
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marc hamilton, radvideo.com
Overall Coat My Throat wasn't a bad DVD. Some of the boys weren’t exactly to my taste, but others were. Take for example the skateboarder dude in scene 4. He was incredibly hot and someone I would hope to see again in another video. None of these men received any credit other than they were “the Men of Fire Island”.

The absolute highlight of this video happened up in “the tower” of the resort that this DVD was shot at. Ryan and the man he was sucking off were playing over this piece of glass. For the cum shot, the man getting sucked blew his load all over the glass. Ryan, being the good boy that he is, licked up every (and I do mean EVERY) drop of cum that was blown onto the glass. From below the glass the cameras rolled and we saw the most beautiful blue eyed boy licking up those drops of cum. And in between licking up those drops of semen, Ryan would smile at the camera and look straight into the lens. He was totally hot and totally in his element! If watching that doesn’t turn you on, than this video is not for you. I, however, was immensely turned on beyond belief and will probably watch that “clean-up” scene over and over again!

You know, this wasn’t a favorite video of mine, but I do look forward to seeing future productions from Cum Pig Men. I love the subject matter, and if all of their “stars” are as hot as Ryan I’d be a fool to pass them up! They couldn’t have picked a better star and a better location; and I doubt they could have found too many guys that could have shot larger loads than these guys did. Not that the loads were huge, but they certainly were pretty impressive. I’d say I’m pretty pleased to have this DVD as a part of my porn collection!
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