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Drain My Pole

Drain My Pole
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Cum Pig Men's "Drain My Pole" is Kameron Scott's mission to suck the cum out of every dick he encounters. Director Leo Greco delivers a 1 hour and 50 minute long DVD featuring Kameron sucking and fucking his way through 9 erotic scenes that will keep your dick hard. Are you ready to have your pole drained?

The DVD opens up with Kameron sucking the meaty poles of Chad Brock and Clay Towers. These guys have nice dicks and waste no time putting them deep into Kameron's mouth. He goes back and forth, making sure both Chad and Clay get every inch of their cocks sucked and licked, until they finally cover him in their man juice.

Next we find Kameron watching Parker Perry and Chris Wolfe stroking their dicks outside. Kameron is so turned on by the sight of their huge throbbing cocks that he can't help but play with his own shaft. It's not long before he's over there wrapping his mouth around their thick rods, sucking them like a true pro. These guys are hung and Kameron knows exactly what to do with their thick uncut dicks. Parker and Chris finally cover him with their cum, with Kameron licking up every drop.

In the next two scenes Kameron keeps up the dick sucking, first with Troy Halston. He find's Troy lounging wearing only a towel. Soon enough we find Troy's cock entering Kameron's mouth for a powerful sucking. Troy fucks his face and finally cums all over it, leaving it drenched in cum. Next we find him sucking off Aiden Michaels next to the pool. It's Aiden's turn to fuck Kameron's throat and he does so like a true champion, pushing his cock in deep and finally blowing an epic load all over Kameron's face.

The last few scene feature Kameron proving that when it comes to sucking cock, he's one of the best. Next he takes on Cody Stein III's throbbing dick, making sure each drop of cum is sucked out. After that we find him sucking on the cock of Rocky, a hot tattooed and pierced stud. The final cock that he sucks belongs to a mystery man, who has an amazing dick that's both long and hard. No drop of seed will be left in any of these cocks after Kameron's given them a good sucking!

Is your pole backed up? It's time to drain that beast! Pop in "Drain My Pole" and stroke it, hard. Or invite a friend over and see where the night takes you. Either way, it's time for you to get your pole drained...

Kameron Scott
Chad Brock
Clay Towers
Brett Blizard
Parker Perry
Troy Halston
Aiden Michaels
Cody Stein III

Director: Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker


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SKU 10CPM001
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features: 112 Minutes, Gallery, Loop Play, Chapters, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2010
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $5.00
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