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Cum Catchers

Cum Catchers
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Pumphouse Media's "Cum Catchers" is the ultimate cum fetish film. Director Viper treats us to 7 cum filled scenes clocking in at a long 1 hour and 58 minutes. Featuring 21 of the hottest guys around such as Sage Daniels, Cory Lakes, Mic Vargas, Aaron Wolf, Torque, Shawn Phoenix, Aaron Burner, Zeke Skye, Hunter Nash, and many more, you're sure to find your perfect well hung stud. Sit back and prepare to get nasty at a street fair!

After spinning a wheel, one lucky stud gets a pretty sweet deal and soon finds himself on his knees sucking off some of the hottest stars that Pumphouse Media has to offer! He moves from one cock to the next, making sure every inch gets sucked and licked. These cocks are thick and long, but this lucky man has no problem taking in every inch as these hot stars rub each other down and stroke each other off. After sucking all these dicks they finally deliver big, spraying his eager face down with huge loads of cum.

Next a couple of straight guys wander into the tent. They came looking for some straight porn, and quickly find a couple of studs slobbering all over their huge cocks. Both these guys have nice thick long dicks and just love having them sucked by two hot men. With each lick and suck their cocks get fatter and harder. Finally the jizz goes flying, covering each other's faces and bodies, leaving all of them drenched.

The fun doesn't stop though and our 2 dick suckers are joined by 3 new studs that are eager to have their cocks sucked. They waste no time slipping each fat cock deep into their throats, keeping them hard and wet. They aren't the only ones doing the dick sucking this time, with some of the newer studs getting down on their knees and sucking some cock. Finally it's time to cum and not one drop is wasted.

The party in the tent just doesn't stop. More dicks get sucked and tons of jizz goes flying all over the place, leaving lots of hot faces covered. From some 1 on 1 dick sucking action to massive groups, you'll find it all on this DVD. Are you ready to catch a wad of cum in your mouth? Could you handle so many dicks at one time? Why not turn on "Cum Catchers" and see if your man enough. Keep an eye out for this tent next time you visit the street fair...

Sage Daniels
Shawn Phoenix
Aaron Burner
Hunter Nash
Hughes Shea
Shawn Sket
Cory Lakes
Jake Edwards
Aaron Wolf
Evan Carson
Jason Phisher
Mic Vargas
Hunter Hanley
Oliver Vegas
Rock Lee
Michael Edwards
Alex Wolf
Eric King
Zeke Skye

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker


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SKU 10PHM004
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DVD Features:
  • Runtime: 118 minutes
  • Scene Selection
  • Dolby Sound
  • Looping
  • Photo Gallery
Year Released: 2010
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $5.00
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