Fuck Money

Fuck Money
When a guy finds himself in debt, a good man always finds a way to pay. And "Fuck Money" directed by Defiant's Joe Serna, wastes no time getting to it's first money shot. It's only a few minutes before Jordan McCay's face is covered with handsome Tyler Young's jizz. Then, like a naked tag team event, Cameron Taylor jumps in and finishes the job by fucking McCay's eager whole. Personally, I love a man who keeps his socks on during sex. How about you? Newcummer T.J. fucks Scout during some gloryhole action, Hayden Sky and Cory Woodall have a tumble in the sheets of a bed just made, and then there's Gabriel Turner and Alec Halk....

Two cuties, both with swimmer's builds and great pecs who start out smooching against a mattress that's turned on it's end. It doesn't take long before the bed is on the floor where it belongs and the shorter Alec has turned Gabriel on his end, where he belongs. This is what I call "David and Goliath" sex; where at little guy fucks the bigger one. They both have nice cocks and good bodies so it really wouldn't matter, but it's nice to see the little guy come up on top!

Some DVDs show you how to invest your well-earned cash. "Fuck Money" show us how hot boys become well spent."

Tyler Young (as seen in...)
Jordan McCay (as seen in...)
Cameron Taylor (as seen in...)
T.J. Cummings (as seen in...)
Scout (as seen in...)
Hayden (as seen in...)
Sky (as seen in...)
Cory Woodall (as seen in...)
Gabriel Turner (as seen in...)
Alec Hawk (as seen in...)

Joe Serna
Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design:
Killer Bob Graphics
Ash Ford

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Year Released: 2008
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