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Drink My Sperm

Drink My Sperm
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Cum Pig Men's "Drink My Sperm" will have your mouth drooling for man juice. Director Leo Greco brings us a DVD that will keep your cock hard for a full 1 hour and 17 minutes. In these five scenes you'll find studs such as Jonny Roks, Ric Zaas, Logan White, Elijah White, Ty Mirage, Theo Devair, Ryan Mathews, Dallas Reeves and Erik Toby. Mathew Keading stars in this dick sucking adventure and you'll love watching his hot young face get drenched in seed.

Star Mathew Keading is enjoying his time at the Coconut Cove Resort. It's hard for him not to with so many will endowed studs roaming the place looking to get their dicks wet. Lucky for them, Mathew is in a cock sucking mood. In this first scene we find him in a pool servicing three lucky men. He moves between each one of them making sure that they all get just the right amount of attention from his mouth. After taking them deep into his throat he is rewarded with huge wads of cum sprayed all over his face.

After leaving the pool Mathew stumbles upon two hung men making out in a love seat. He can't pass up the opportunity to service these two thick rods and is soon on his knees slipping them between his wet lips. After some intense dick sucking his face is once again covered with white sticky loads of jizz. He jumps back in the pool to cool off but soon finds two more guys who are more than eager to make Mathew work hard for their hot loads.

For Mathew it seems as if his magic number is two, as we find him once again with two hung studs. His appetite for cum never seems to end and he knows exactly how to work every drop of seed out of any type of cock.

Mathew's been working hard and is in desperate need of some one on one attention. He finally finds this while stroking his one cock on a staircase. A hung stranger walks by who just happens to be looking to get his dick sucked. After Mathew gives him exactly what his cock has been begging for, he finally takes the time to finish stroking himself off. In the end we find Mathew with a wad of his own cum all over his stomach, which he collects and eats.

Have you booked your trip to the Coconut Cove Resort yet? Turn on "Drink My Sperm" and see what kind of adventures awaits you at the cock sucking paradise!

Matthew Keading
Jonny Roks
Ric Zaas
Logan White
Elijah White
Ty Mirage
Theo Devair
Ryan Matthews
Dallas Reeves
Erik Toby

Directed by: Leo Greco
Produced by: Scott Morris & Gord Reece

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SKU 11CPM002
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features: 78 Minutes, Dolby Sound, Chapters
Year Released: 2011
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $5.00
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