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101 Loads Down The Hatch, Part 1

101 Loads Down The Hatch, Part 1

Our hot DVD "Feed the Fag 40 Loads" got so much great feedback, we decided to really go for it! We filmed "101 Loads" (yep, we counted). In the first part you get the first 50 right where you want 'em... Down the Hatch! Savor and enjoy every drop in this 80 minutes of cum sucking filth...you know the guys did!

Starring: Kevin Chain

Co-Directed by: Scott Morris, Kevin Chain, Leo Greco
Produced by: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece

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SKU 06PHM002
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features:
  • 80 Minutes
Year Released: 2006
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: ThatGuyYouLike, radvideo.com
    Some X-rated films are so graphic and extreme that the average adult film seems tame in comparison. If you qualify as a “cum pig” and desire 80 minutes of cum sucking filth (captured in glorious widescreen), then you’ll love every nasty second of this film! You’ll see no fewer than 50 fresh loads of cum taken down the throat, slurped out of sticky condoms, sucked out of shot glasses with a straw, and transferred from mouth to mouth. You can bet that any missed drops of jizz get licked up with relish.

    This is one of those no-nonsense films where every second is hardcore. You’ll see both hairy and smooth studs getting their huge cocks royally sucked off. Expect some very big-squirting dicks. When a top man shoots off, his cum gets totally worshipped, savored, and swallowed. If his sperm drips down onto his balls, his balls will get carefully and thoroughly licked clean. If his chest gets slathered with cream, his chest gets slurped clean. In other words, no drop of sperm goes untasted.

    In addition to the standard blow jobs, there’s power facefucking, interracial sex, threesomes, and handjobs galore. There’s even a bit of very rough buttfucking thrown in for good measure. In that scene, the top man brutally fucks his buddy’s ass until his buddy drops a load, then slurps up the load and spits it into his buddy’s eager mouth. The guys snowball the cream, and then the top man jerks off his own load onto his buddy’s tongue.

    Some men jack off into shot glasses, then watch as their cum gets guzzled. The huge load of cum in one shot glass gets sucked up by a giant turkey baster, then forcibly squirted down a man’s throat. Don’t miss the leather orgy, where man after man pumps cum into a funnel, or the glory hole scene where fountains of jizz get caught in a glass and then slurped through a drinking straw.

    Be prepared for some glorious close-ups of monster dicks squirting out mega loads of cream. It’s unlikely you’ll ever see cumshots captured so perfectly on film, or cum gobbled up so greedily. At least not until part two arrives, promising another 50 loads!