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Cruzin' For Cum

Cruzin' For Cum
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Pumphouse Media’s “Cruzin’ for Cum” is the ultimate road trip adventure. Director Viper brings us 6 hot scenes on a DVD that will have your cock hard for a long 1 hour and 54 minutes. Sit back and watch star Jordan Long hop in his RV and embark upon a cock sucking journey!

We first meet Jordan Long in his hotel room on the internet looking for a lucky stud to fuck for the night. Chris Archer answers this call and is soon in bed with Jordan making out with him. Jordan sucks Chris off, even letting him fuck his eager throat. After all this sucking and throat fucking, Chris sprays Jordan's face down with his seed.

Jordan hits the streets looking for some fun. He meets Dan Carson, Blake Daniels and Hunter Hanley in an adult store and recognizes them from the covers of some DVD’s. After inviting them back to his hotel room it’s not long before their cocks are out and being stroked. They tease Jordan though, never letting him slip these massive rods into his throat. After spraying him down in their man juice Jordan’s slightly disappointed that he didn’t get to fully feast on these huge rods, and sets out to find another cock to suck.

Next up we find our star Jordan with his friend Michael Kipnis at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Their RV is parked outside and they’re looking for a little action. Lucky for them they meet studs Hunter Nash, Chris Violet, Jimmy West, Joe Perez and Leo Gomez. These seven men head back to the RV for one of the biggest orgies you’ll find anywhere, all taking place in the parking lot next to the boardwalk! Why patrons have fun outside, these men are having more fun inside as they stroke and suck each other’s rods. They action doesn’t slow down and in the end you find all these pretty faces covered in hot sticky man juice.

Jordan meets up with new comer Imee, who he invites back to the RV for some one on one action. Imee is a young guy who can’t get enough of Jordan’s cock. Brushing his bangs out of his face he licks and sucks Jordan’s long member, working up a load of cum to eat. He finishes himself off, blowing a load all over Jordan’s young face. This one on one action is not enough and Jordan soon brings another lucky man to the RV. Marshall Brady manages to get away from his wife for a bit to hook up with Jordan. Jordan goes to town on his cock, sucking it like a true master. Marshall gives Jordan’s cock some attention and in the end the cum goes flying all over these two studs.

Jordan manages to find lot of hot men on this trip who are all thirsty for jizz. Cassidy Hayes, Aaron Wolf, and Jack Thunda all find themselves in the RV licking and sucking each other’s cocks. These guys have thick cannons that only know how to blow huge loads, which is proven at the end of this scene.

For Jordan, four is the magic number. We next find him hooking up with stud Deric McCoy and new comers Troy Silva and Mathew Rodriguez. They’re hungry for jizz and work each other’s rods hard until it comes flying out of their rods. As these three guys leave Jordan is soon joined by four more studs. You’d think our star Jordan would be tired, but this guy has a cock that just won’t quit. They suck each other’s throbbing members hard and don’t stop until every drop of jizz has been unleashed.

Pop in “Cruzin’ for Cum” for some summer time vacation ideas. Maybe you’ll rent a RV and hit the open road on the lookout for the best tasting wads of jizz ever to grace your mouth.

Blake Daniels
Hunter Nash
Aaron Wolf
Michael Kipnis
Hunter Hanley
Jack Thunda
Chris Archer
Jimmy West
Cassidy Hayes
Matthew Rodriguez
Deric McCoy
Dan Carson
Franco San Roman
Leo Gomez
Chris Violet
Marshall Brady
Troy Silva
Denny Smithson
Jordan Long
Aaron Burner
Joe Perez

Directed by: Viper
Produced by: Scott Morris & Gord Reece

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Year Released: 2011
Retail Price: $49.95
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