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Squirt On My Hole

Squirt On My Hole
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Is your hole dry? Factory Videos ,AeuSquirt On My Hole,Aeu may be just what you need to get it nice and wet. Director Leo Greco brings us a DVD that clocks in at 1 hour and 51 minutes, featuring 4 hot scenes full of men who know how to fix a dry hole. Are you unzipped yet? If not, then you,Aeod better do it fast before your throbbing dick burst out, ruining a good pair of pants.

Austin Dallas and Kyle Marks are in bed together, making out and keeping their eyes open for whatever should happen to pop up. Kyle is not surprised when Austin huge dick pops up, which he promptly slips deep into his mouth. Austin,Aeos got a lot of meat to handle, but Kyle proves to be a pro when it comes to sucking every inch of that huge cock. Austin needs to give a little back, and is soon eating out Kyle,Aeos asshole, getting it wet. It,Aeos going to have to be wet for Austin,Aeos huge dick to slip in. Before you know it Austin is pounding away at Kyle,Aeos asshole, shoving every inch of his thick cock deep inside and letting his balls slap his round ass cheeks. Kyle strokes his own dick hard while being fucked and blows a load all over his chest. This does not stop Austin though, who uses his jizz as lube for his own cock. He squirts his man juice all over Kyle,Aeos hole and slips his dick back in for a few final thrust.

Next we find Devin Chase and Leon Sparks in bed making out. Devin is licking him up and down, making his way towards his cock, which is quickly hardening. It,Aeos not long before Devin,Aeos cock is out and the two are sucking each other,Aeos dicks in bed, keeping them wet and hard. Devin sits up and fingers Leon,Aeos asshole while Leon continues to go to town on his long cock. Devin,Aeos cock is looking for an ass to fuck and is soon deep inside Leon,Aeos asshole. He pounds him hard and finally blows a ton of cum all over Leon,Aeos tight hole, leaving it dripping. He then slips his cock back inside and fucks him hard while Leon jacks it, finally cumming all over his own stomach and chest.

Kody Rean is sitting back in a chair while Lance Masters lick his chest up and down. Lance makes his way downstairs to find Kody,Aeos hardening cock, which he licks and sucks. He sucks Kody good, making sure every inch of his thick member gets his undivided attention. Kody then bends over to let Lance play with his ass, rubbing it and fingering it as they both stroke their own cocks. This gets Lance,Aeos ass nice and ready for the fucking that,Aeos about to happen. Kody fucks it fast and hard, shoving his dick in deep. Lance strokes himself off and blows a load while being fucked by Kody. Finally Kody pulls his fat dick head out and cums all over Lance,Aeos hairy asshole, leaving it drenched in cum.

Last we find a horny J.R. in the shower, stroking his dick as he gets himself nice and clean. He walks out to find his young guy Alexander Cruz in bed taking a nap. J.R. plays with his ass a bit, rubbing his cheeks and crack nice and slow while playing with his own dick. Alexander is quick to wake up and waste no time wrapping his lips around J.R,Aeos smooth cock. J.R. plays with his ass some more and finally pushes his cock deep inside. Alexander strokes himself off while being fucked by J.R. and cums all over himself. J.R. pulls his cock out and cums all over Alexander,Aeos tight hairy asshole.

You need to get your hole wet right now. Make some calls, pop in Squirt On My Hole, and let the fun begin!

Austin Dallas
Kyle Marks
Devin Chase
Leon Sparks
Lance Masters
Kody Rean
Alexander Cruz

Director: Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker




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Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features: Gallery, Loop Play, Chapters, Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2010
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $5.00
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