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Barebackin' Ass Pumpers

Barebackin' Ass Pumpers
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Factory Videos "Barebackin' Ass Pumpers" is the DVD your round ass has been begging for all these years. Director Viper brings us 4 hot scenes featuring 8 studs on a DVD that clocks in at a very long 1 hour 51 minutes. Sit back and let the cock stroking begin!

Braden Forrest and Matthew Christiansen are naked in bed, making out heavily with one another while rubbing each other's naked bodies down. Braden has a fat cock that Matthew waste no time slipping deep into his throat. It takes a strong man to fit that thick of a dick into his mouth and lucky for Braden Matthew is all man. They take turns sucking each other off, making sure every inch of each other's dicks gets licked and sucked. Braden stops his dick sucking to feast upon Matthew's hairy asshole. After getting Matthew's asshole all wet, Braden proceeds to fuck it hard, shoving his bare dick in deep. Matthew jacks himself off while being fucked and cums all over himself, with Braden licking up every drop of cum. He finally works up his own load and jizzes all over Matthew's hungry mouth.

Jake Brentwood and Luke Bennett are alone watching television when they get the urge to suck each other's cocks. Jake slobbers all over Luke's long smooth rod, slipping it deep into his throat. Luke returns the favor by eating out Jake's asshole, getting it wet for the fucking that's sure to happen in this room. Luke pounds Jake hard on the bed, shoving his bareback dick deep Jake's his tight asshole. Jake fondles his own cock while being fucked, letting his member grow harder with each hard thrust that Luke delivers. Jake works up a wad of cum and jizzes all over himself and into Luke's awaiting mouth. Luke works up his own load of jizz while sucking the last few drops out of Jake's cock. He finally fills Jake's hungry mouth with a batch of his own white creamy cum.

Laze has a huge hard on while he sleeps next to his favorite youngin' Eric Michael. Eric takes Laze's hard cock into his throat and sucks it while Laze slowly awakens. Laze decides to treat Eric to some dick sucking and slips his long cock into his mouth. Laze takes a break from the cock sucking only to eat out Eric's tight ass, licking it nice and clean. Eric is begging to be fucked and Laze gives him exactly what he needs... He pounds Eric hard, shoving every inch of this pulsing bare cock deep into Eric's asshole. Eric can't get enough and moans with each hard pound of Laze's dick. Eric strokes himself off while being fucked and blows a huge mess of jizz all over his tight young body. Laze adds to the sticky mess by covering Eric's face and mouth in his own warm jizz bath.

Jack Thunda's friends are running a couple of hours late and lucky for him Alex Wolf knows exactly how to pass the time. These guys both have amazing dicks and know exactly how to treat such beautiful beast. They lick and suck each other off, fucking each other's throats hard while the moan with every flick of the tongue. Jack pushes his thick bareback dick deep into Alex's asshole and begins to fuck him softly on the bed. Jack pushes his dick in deeper and harder with each thrust. Alex rides Jack while stroking off his own cock. He works up a load of cum and jizzes all over Jack's chest and face. Jack then lies next to Alex and strokes himself off, blowing a huge wad of jizz all over himself and Alex's face.

Do you like your ass to be pumped bareback? If so, pop in "Barebackin' Ass Pumpers" and imagine your perfect pulsing bare cock pumping wildly into your tight asshole.

Matthew Christiansen
Braden Forrest
Jake Brentwood
Luke Bennett
Eric Michael
Jack Thunda
Alex Wolf

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker

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SKU 10FBB010
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features:
  • 113 Minutes
  • Chapters
  • Dolby Sound
Year Released: 2011
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $5.00
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