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Gay Bukakke Party
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About: It's simple addition really: Two guys on a couch plus six guys in the basement, plus eight more on the bed, plus ten more on top of that equals a whole lot of dick sucking and raunchy cum eating. And Adam Loren, the star of Pumphouse Media's new DVD "Gay Bukakke Party," gets an A+ for effort!

Adam's on the street passing out flyers. One cute guy passer-by asks for a sample. Adam is more than happy to oblige with cock sucking that ends in a healthy helping of man gravy. Still thirsty for more, Adam and five of his friends go down on each other in the cellar. Then we move to the bedroom where its more comfortable with some more men. Then, we just move on to more men. And a lot more cum. Though not the guy in the group enjoying this cornucopia of cock, Loren licks up this tidal wave of spooge like a man who's been thirsty for weeks. And yes, there are some repeat performers from scene to scene. But when the sucking's this good and there's a jiz bucket like Adam to collect the loads, who's counting?

While watching "Gay Bukakke Party" you'll be tempted to pull out a calculator. Pull out your dick instead. It has a head for these kind of numbers.

Starring Adam Loren
Trey Richards
Cody Marsh
Rock Lee
Ryley Nyce
Kyle Brooks
Tyler Reeves
Lucas Storm
Jake Reeves
Clay Costley
Glenn Maxter
Martin Lorenzo
Randall Greko
Oliver Vegas
Max London
Woody Steel
Cory Woodall
Dawson Denton
Nick Jarett
Sky Stevens
Glenn Maxter
Nic Brandix
Reid Mason

Director: Joe Serna/Leo Greco
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker
Editing: Lester Moore


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DVD Features: Loop Play, Scene Selection, Website
Year Released: 2008
Retail Price: $44.95
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Jack Hoff, Radvideo.com
Adam Loren is standing on Castro Street passing out flyers. A cute boy takes one and ends up at Adam’s place. They fool around on the couch, each taking turns sucking. Adam doesn’t seem that into it and has trouble staying hard. Adam takes the boy’s load in his mouth then cleans the rest off his stomach and cock. The boy obeys Adam’s orders to get on all fours and turn so he can look at and finger his smooth, cute ass while he jacks. Adam cums on the dude’s chest, then seductively licks it off and eats the jizz he’s fed. Not much heat in this scene even though Adam is a very cute, dark haired boy with a nice, hairy body from the waist down.

Back on the street, Adam hands flyers to a group of five guys. They end up at a basement. The cool thing about these guys is they aren’t ’typical’ looking porn dudes. After they all make out a bit, Adam lines them up and goes down on each of them. My favorite in the group is a heavily tattooed punk-looking guy, buzzed, dark hair and scruffy, with a hot body and big, thick cock. After Adam takes everyone’s load in his mouth he has the guys turn around so he can look at their asses while he rubs his dick. He unloads on one guy’s butt, then licks it off him.

Next up is a 3 part scene with 3 different groups of guys giving Adam their cum. Some of the boys were in the previous scenes. Adam is in the middle taking turns on the buffet of cocks surrounding him. Each takes a turn shooting in his mouth. The hot, tattooed guy from before thankfully shows up here and kisses his cum off Adam’s lips. Adam shoots a big load, and the tattooed guy hungrily laps it up and kisses him. Then he and the guy from the first scene take turns feeding Adam the cum that coats his body. Another group comes in and feeds Adam their hot jizz. There are a couple of guys who really blast his face with their loads. Group 3 enters with a couple of cuties. Each cums before the last boy straddles Adam’s stomach and jerks a fountain of boy lava all over his chest and face, then Adam jerks out a final load. 2 guys scoop up all the ball juice from his coated body and feed it to him.

There are definitely some hot guys here. The cum shots are good, and the cum eating is hot. There is no anal sex. As a whole, the movie is missing something. Adam, although extremely cute, doesn’t seem like he’s all that into it. He’s a trooper, for sure, but where’s the sizzle and the hunger?
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