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Fuck My Hole Raw

Fuck My Hole Raw
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Factory Videos "Fuck My Hole Raw" is the DVD that your asshole has been begging for. Viper masterfully directs 3 hot scenes that will make your cock water with anticipation for a whole 1 hour and 31 minutes. When you pop this movie in you'll instantly be transported to the hotel room your dreams, where anything goes... Get ready, you're about to get hard.

The first scene opens with Vennue Longhorn and his hot friend Michael Baily hanging out in a hotel room on a bed. Vennue's cock soon finds its way deep into Michael's mouth and the two studs take turns sucking each other off. While sucking each other's cocks, new comers Evan Carson and Corey Lakes enter the room and join in on the fun. These men are hung and you'll be impressed with how deep they can take a dick into there throats! They go around the room taking turns sucking each others cocks and rest assured, no dick is left dry. While sucking cocks Vennue gives Michael's asshole a little play, slipping his finger in and getting it ready for what about to go down in this room. Corey slips his beast of a cock deep into Michael's tight asshole. Vennue is next on his back, with Evan pushing his smooth shaved cock into him. The fucking continues with Corey blowing a load all over Evan while Vennue gets his ass pounded. He then spits the cum down into Vennue's eager thirsty mouth. Vennue gets his chance to fuck Evan next, pushing his thick cock deep into his ass. Kal Sparks and DJ enter while the fucking is at its hardest and are soon stroking their cocks, watching the fun. Evan strokes himself off while being fucked and shoots a nice wad of cum all over his stomach. Michael then gets his shot and covers Evan's face with his hot sticky man juice.

DJ and Kal Sparks came to fuck and now get their chance to get each other off, while Vennue gets his cock warmed up for round two. The three guys stroke each other off in bed, making sure every inch of their long shafts gets just the right amount of attention. They're soon sucking each others cocks, taking them deep into their throats. DJ gets his asshole fingered by Vennue as he sucks Kal's throbbing member. Kal's ready to take this to the next level and slips his hot cock into DJ's ass, while Vennue watches and strokes his own dick. DJ sucks off Vennue as his ass gets royally pounded by Kal. He strokes his own uncut cock hard while being fucked and jizzes all over himself, letting Vennue lick him clean. Kal pulls his uncut dick out and starts stroking it, finally cumming all over DJ's hard cock while Vennue sucks it up and down.

Our man Vennue can't be stopped and is soon joined by Shawn Phoenix and Michael again for round three. Shawn and Michael waste no time taking their thick cocks out and before you know it these boys are stroking each other off. This leads to some major dick sucking with each guy taking a massive cock in deep. Acheron Krosser shows up and the threesome turns quickly into a foursome. These guys love the taste of cock and cant' get enough of sucking each other's dicks. Vennue is first to get fucked with Shawn pumping his hard cock deep into his asshole. Shawn is up next, bending over and taking Acheron's dick in deep. Shawn is soon up again and gets fucked hard by Vennue, with our other studs stroking their cocks and watching the action. Shawn strokes his own nice dick and blows a load all over his sweaty body. The rest of the guys lay back in bed and finish themselves off, rubbing each other's bodies down as they pump their dicks with their fist. The scene ends with each guy getting to blow a well deserved load of jizz.

Pop in "Fuck My Hole Raw" and imagine yourself in the hotel room with Vennue and his hot friends, and all the fun that you could have with these hung studs.

Introducing Cory Lakes
Vennue Longhorn
Michael Bailey
Introducing Evan Carson
Kal Sparks
Shawn Phoenix
Acheron Krosser

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Frank Parker


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DVD Features: dolby sounds, loop play, gallery, Chapters
Year Released: 2010
Retail Price: $59.95
Our Price: $5.00
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