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Raw Dick Riders

Raw Dick Riders
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Factory Bareback presents "Raw Dick Riders", a DVD that features eight hung studs who love taking it raw. Director Viper brings us a feature filled film that clocks in at 1 hour and 26 minutes. These four scenes will have your asshole begging to be fucked by a smooth long rod.

We first meet Austin Dallas and Ace Tucker alone in a bed room. These two studs know exactly what they want and waste no time taking their clothes off and getting into the action. After a little dick sucking the bust out a futuristic looking toy and have some fun with their cocks. The toy gets things nice and warmed up for the ass fucking that's soon to happen. The pounds are heavy and deep and the moans are loud. Austin and Ace work their cocks hard with all the thrusting and ass slapping. In the end we find these two men sweaty after a hard work out, with one studs asshole being drenched in seed.

Sebastian Hart and Danny McCoy are naked making out in bed. The making out moves south and we soon find these two hot young guys licking sucking and kissing each other's rods. Their cocks pulse and grow as they slide them in and out of each other's mouths. They don't spend too much time sucking each other off though and we soon find Sebastian and Danny participating in some good old fashioned ass fucking. After some seriously deep pounds they jack off next to each other in bed, working up massive loads. In the end we're treated to watching them cover their fit young bodies with a warm gooey mess.

Next we find Jake Garcia and Tony Knight, who are two dudes who are looking for a good time. After some initial making out we soon find them fucking each other's throats. One stud has some saggy balls that you'll love watching swing back and forth as they slap his buddies chin. Once their cocks are hard and wet they take the action over to a fuck swing, where things really heat up. One guy jacks himself off as his buddy pounds his hairy asshole fast and deep. After covering himself with his own seed, his well-endowed friend slides his rod out and sprays down his fuck buddies asshole with a batch of his own man juice.

Last we find Jacob Daily and Mario Romo, two tattooed and pierced punks who have long smooth shafts that need some attention. After one punk drops to his knees and sucks off his buddy, he then bends over and lets his asshole get eaten out. He lets his buddy slobber all over his asshole, getting it wet and ready to receive a massive rod. This fucking his not gentle and will be something that this punk's asshole will remember for a long time. He only stops fucking to pull out his massive uncut cock to cool down his buddy's asshole with a load of his sweet jizz.

Do you like it raw? Pop in "Raw Dick Riders" and get ready to take a ride that your ass won't forget!

Austin Dallas
Ace Tucker
Danny McCoy
Sebastian Hart
Jake Garcia
Tony Knight
Mario Romo
Jacob Daily

Directed by: Viper
Produced by: Scott Morris & Gord Reece

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SKU 12FBB001
Weight 0.33 lbs
Year Released: 2012
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $5.00
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