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100% Genuine Leather

100% Genuine Leather
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No fake sets, no porn actors...just real masculine, horny men into hard-core leather and toy play...real, raunchy, rugged and nasty. We were invited to bring our cameras to a genuine leather play party hosted by a group of kinky players. This is not a pretty-boy leather movie with spooky smoke and special effects. It's not cast with porn stars in new leather... these are real leathermen playing hard and nasty.

Strange Dog
F. G. Schminke
Daddy DJ
Johnathan Wells
Nine By Six
Aeric Grey
Directed By: Scott Morris
Producers: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece 

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SKU 06FVP004
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features:
  • Runtime: 120 Minutes
  • Widescreen
  • Scene Selection
  • Digitally Mastered
Year Released: 2006
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Arthur, Arthur , radvideo.com
Sensational all-action leather movie is advertised as "no fake sets, no porn actors," but comes off as a very professional two-hour-plus leather-fest in High-Definition widescreen, with the kind of sharp videography you expect of a Factory product.

An older man attached to a rope-spiderweb has his cock and balls sucked, slapped, and squeezed painfully between strands by a good-looking hunk. "Learn to use your teeth," mutters the older man. The hunk teases the older man's heavily-veined erection with ass-crack, condoms it, and fucks himself on it to the hilt. The hunk gets in a sling and someone, perhaps more than one, fucks his hole properly. There's another fuck in a sling, chain links rattling.

On the spiderweb, a blindfolded man is lashed and blown. Sparks from an electrical device are sprayed on his back.

A plump, hairy dude is bound on his back, clothespins applied on his most sensitive parts, his feet tickled with a whisk-broom, candle-wax dripped on him, a roller-blade trailed over his tits, boot suspended from his balls with rope. He howls and laughs.

One of his tormentors is bound to an X-shaped cross with transparent plastic wrap and lashed, his Prince Alberted dick exposed and sucked.

A masked dude's bound on his back with black rope, his genitalia complexly bound with white, his body touched all over with a little sparking device which burns a hole in a label attached to his thigh.

A dog-masked man with a tail up his ass gets spanked, fed cock, his tail removed, fucked bareback, locked in a cage.

A mohawked slave is bound between posts, masked, gagged with tape, his cock paddled. He's un-gagged, kissed, jacked.

A dude has ever-thicker metal rods inserted in his dick. Someone in a sling gets fucked, his load jacked into a bowl, poured into his mouth. Several loads are jacked into a bowl, from which the mohawked slave drinks like a dog. Then he's caged.

Don't worry if the picture sometimes switches from color to black-and-white and back. They do that nowadays.
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