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Cum Hungry Road Whores

Cum Hungry Road Whores
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Do you like meeting guys out on the street? If so then PumpHouse Media's "Cum Hungry Road Whores" just may be the perfect DVD for you! Director Viper brings us a long 2 hour and 7 minute DVD featuring an ensemble cast with stars like Cody Miers, Johnny Molokai, Ashton Cooper, Coldy star, Vance Drake and so many more in twelve cum soaked scenes! Are you ready to hit the road?

The DVD opens up with two guys hanging out in the back of a truck. They decided to cruise around and look for dudes to pick up for a little fun. They're in luck when they meet a nice hung stud on a motorcycle that's down to head back to their place for some action. They take turns sucking each other's rods, not stopping until every drop of seed has been sprayed all over their eager faces.

Next up they decide to hit the trails to see what kind of they can find outdoors. They come across another hiker and before you know it they're rubbing each other's bodies down while making out. They move over to some haystacks and both drop to their knees and suck off their new found hiking buddy. They work his cock hard and feast upon every drop of jizz that drips out of his smooth rod. They quickly take off and meet up with another random stranger on the street where the dick sucking continues!

After finishing off their last random encounter they're treated to a special treat when they pick up a Mormon missionary who has been abandoned by his ride. He takes them to his secret jerk off spot and that's where the fun really begins. This missionary says he's never been with a guy before, but from the way he sucks cock you'd think that he was a seasoned professional. They take turns sucking off each other, working their members hard and only stopping when there appetite for jizz has been fulfilled.

The dick sucking adventures continue once they drop off the Mormon stud as they meet up with three new men by a creek. They take turns slobbering all over each other's rods and drinking up every drop of jizz. From there adventures continue all over the place, from apartments to the great outdoors, these two studs will look far and wide for the tastiest jizz they can find!

What are you waiting for? Pop in "Cum Hungry Road Whores" and let the road trip begin! Who knows what men are waiting for you out there in the wild?

Ashton Cooper
Kev Tyler
Chris Archer
Cody Miers
Colby Star
Danny McCoy
Aiden Price
Evan Harris
John Swift
Krystopher Fletcher
Mitch Reeves
Perry Parker
Vance Drake
Alex Parker
Johnny Molokai
Tyler Hunter
Randall Lakes
Dillion Riggs
Justin West

Directed by: Viper
Produced by: Scott Morris & Gord Reece

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Year Released: 2011
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