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All Positions Open
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With a tight economy, a stellar resume will do you little good. But a little of your tight ass will help you nail the interview! The boys of Joe Serna's new Street Trade DVD, "All Positions Open" show us what we need to do to get the raunchy job done.

We open with handsome Felix West interviewing newcomer Oliver Vegas. When Vegas takes a bathroom break, employer West decides that the interview isn't done, follows Oliver into the bathroom and eventually gives him a position. He bends over and lets Oliver apply his hard dick into his young, eager ass. And forget about how to use a cash register, sometimes known as the "Point of Sale". Cory Woodall tests cutie Issak denton on his "Point of Entry" skills with some mutual dildo play. Issak passes the test and increases the profits by eating Woodall's cum.

My favorite scene is when four of the guys have a gang-bang scene on the desk. I love it when the straightest looking of any bunch flops over on his back and takes it like a man. Hottie DJ gets his ass plowed while Aries and Cory spray their loads into DJ's mouth. There's some profit sharing I'd like to get my hands on.

Don't worry about the Dow Jones. "All Positions Open" will have your Johnson shooting up to record numbers before you can say, "Report to work on Monday."

Oliver Vegas (as seen in...)
Aries (as seen in...)
Cory Woodall (as seen in...)
Issak denton (as seen in...)
Riley Nyce (as seen in...)
Felix West (as seen in...)

Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Directed: Joe Serna
Editing & Music: Gaylord Fucker
Videography & Casting: Joe Serna

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DVD Features:
  • Runtime: 76 minutes
  • Scene Selection
  • Loop Play
  • Photo Gallery
Year Released: 2008
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Corey Archer- Radvideo.com
Horny job applicants drive the loose premise of this Street Trade title that adheres to the typical formula of director Joe Serna’s skater and street boy action. The movie opens with Oliver Vegas showing up to fill out a job application for Felix West before excusing himself to the bathroom. Dark-haired cutie West ends up in the bathroom, as well, and the two compare sticks. Vegas plays the reluctant straight role, offering tentative stroking and licks before finally going down on West’s pretty and uncut bone. West surrenders his ass on a loudly creaking folding table.

Sexy DJ deserves star status here as he capably carries two scenes. In the first, he’s seeking a job from Aires, a rough-around-the-edges redhead with long hair, a thick goatee and acne. DJ looks amazing with his shirt off and his hot dick extending out the fly of his dress pants, not attire usually seen in a Street Trade movie. Aires bottoms atop another table.

Showing up late for work in the finale, sexy DJ is punished by being forced to service Aires, Cory Woodall and Ryley Nyce, who supplies an outstanding banana cock. DJ is forced onto his back on a folding table, where he submits to the banana. As he gets drilled, Woodall shoots a load onto his cheek, followed by a volley from the redhead.

In the remaining scene, fresh-faced Issak Denton tells hot slut Cory Woodall that he wants to make some porn. Denton sheds his t-shirt, revealing very low-slung jeans over sexy black boxer briefs. After mutual oral cock appreciation, Woodall produces a pair of dildos. He easily slides his in while Denton seems to struggle with his purple ribbed number. Stroking to orgasm follows.

Serna can always be counted on to stock his movies with choice twinks, but the use of a prop other than a folding table, which has become the typical sex location in these movies, would be welcomed.
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