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Anal Associates
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Have a suit and tie fetish? Enjoy cum eating, fucking, and sucking? Watch these horny office workers fraternize. Handsome guys bending over desks, tables and chairs! 

Billy Boyde
Nate Bruno
Alexander Diego
Trenton Latimore
Vince Stallion

Directed by: Frank Parker
Produced by: Scott Morris, Frank Parker, Gord Reece 

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SKU 03FVP007
Weight 0.33 lbs
DVD Features: 85 Minutes
Year Released: 2003
Retail Price: $44.95
Our Price: $19.95
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Oliver Penn, Radvideo.com
"I remember seeing a poll of gay men who were asked, if they'd like to work for an all-gay company. The results were overwhelmingly positive. Frank Parker and Scott Morris are consistent in coming up with horny situations involving guys, just like us, who are whores that need and must have sex.

In an office, two men are at separate workstations, their eyes meet, and before one can say, "yes I'm easy, " Alexander Diego is analassly sucking Nate Bruno's horny nipples. Like the nympho slut that he is, Bruno is in ecstasy with his head thrown back and legs spread wide. Shortly, they are naked, sucking dick -- not surfing the Net. This is some hot shit if you consider that these two might have "significant others" at home while they are whoring at the office! With desks, file cabinets, computers and printers as a backdrop, these two tramps fuck up a storm. This is the stuff of which dirty dreams and gay fantasies are made.

Sex in the office is nothing new. Lots of men set up their companies with the plan that between business meetings, fucking the help will be a fringe benefit. Nicely dressed executive, Samoth, has a slutty male secretary (Trenton Latimore) who knows his job. It's to "keep the boss happy" by giving expert head and serving -- not hot coffee -- but ultra-nasty man pussy. Latimore doesn't take dictation, he takes DICKtation! Obviously, Trent is trying to make it to the top on his back, for his hot hole takes quite a pounding. Latimore has a lovely furry bush...just beautiful!

Down in the warehouse, hairy crotched foreman, Vince Stallion, offers to keep a distracted worker's mind on his job by shoving his cock down the guy's throat. The worker, Billy Boyde, sucks a mean big dick and buries his nose in that hairy forest. Vince moans lewdly and looks fabulously MALE as he emits sexual obscenities as he's getting blown. "I can think of a better hole to stick this big cock in...let's go," Stallion tells Billy, who gets bitch-fucked for days. Classic straight8 stud fucking the gay-bottom-whore scenario makes this a scorching scene.

VINCE STALLION -- what a fucking top. He's destined for stardom if he wants it. Please, Mr. Stallion, keep that incredible crotch as hairy as possible. You personify the word "stud."

The videography is superb. Great work, Factory!"
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