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Ass After Class
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Mr. Peterson likes to send boys to detention when they've been bad. In "Ass After Class", the new Street Trade Studios title directed by Joe Serna, being bad is the only way to earn extra credit.

While Peterson leaves the room looking for donuts, straight looking Brent and Cory learn about free trade when they take turns fucking each other. Brian and Scout work on a raunchy oral exam. Cuties Adam and Ryley figure out how many times a throbbing cock can go into a hungry hole and today's sex education with Hayden and Dick is brought to you by the letter "D" - for "dick diving", "dirty" and "doggie style".

In "Ass After Class", the test may be over when teacher says "pencil's down", but the lessons really begin when your buddy's dick is up.

Brent Stenson (as seen in...)
Cory Woodall (as seen in...)
Brian Daily (as seen in...)
Scout (as seen in...)
Adam Loren (as seen in...)
Ryley Nyce (as seen in...)
Hayden Sky (as seen in...)
Nick Jarett (as seen in...)

Director: Joe Serna
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Graphic Design: Killer Bob
Editing: Gord Reece 

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DVD Features: Loop Play, Scene Selection, Gallery, Website
Year Released: 2008
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Corey Archer- Radvideo.com
As blond Brent Stenson learns in the movie's opener, Ass After Class dispels the notion that Cory Woodall is just an insatiable power bottom. In a rather unconvincing detention scenario, Stenson goes legs up on a folding table as Woodall slides his cock in. This doesn't last long, however, as the delinquents flip, with Woodall leaning over the table and then assuming the position formerly occupied by Stenson, whose scruffy face dominates this movie's cover. Woodall and Stenson have become director Joe Serna's dependable go-to guys for the Street Trade movies, and it's fun to see them together.

Next on the folding table are Brian Daily and Scout. With his big mane of curly hair, Scout rides it hard and then gets slammed some more on his back. His meaty uncut rod shoots one of the movie's best loads all over Daily's face and mouth.

Adam Loren and his lanky, hairy legs are teamed with Ryley Nice and his desirable banana that goes deep into Loren's hairy buns. Loren likes it so much he has to tell Nice to ease up. After they've flipped, Nice says, "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can," but Loren never gets much above a moderate pace. He redeems himself, however, with a massive cum shot.

For whatever reason, some bad music — really bad and sounding like a parody of porn music — invades the final scene, which goes more cute than street with pretty boys Nick Jarett and Hayden Sky. Jarett briefly tops, but most of the fucking is devoted to Sky, whose pubes are completely shaved, topping Jarett. Once again, pleas to "fuck me hard" mostly fall on deaf ears.

The production here is a notch below par for Street Trade, from the awful music to an office phone ringing in the background of the third scene, reinforcing the low-rent feel of it all. The action works if you like skater types, but it deserves better treatment. On the plus side, the flip-fucking in every scene is welcome extra credit, and cum lovers will appreciate the oral cum shots.
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