Cum Dumpster

Cum Dumpster
Cum Dumpster back DVD Cover cum eating swallowing cock face chasing cum hard cock cum in the eye cum mat shooting loads eating it stiff cock
Cum Dumpster is one pile of trash we definitely encourage you to play in. Think gay Bukakke. Think nasty, gallon-gulping, cock swallowing. Think lots of really cute guys who can't get enough cum. From our new director Viper, with too many hot, straight looking boys to mention, this DVD does have it all, fucking and group sex included. But Cum Dumpster is definitely about the spooge, with countless facials and a jizz version of "shot gunning" were guys orally pass cum back and forth.

Jump in, rifle through and open wide. With all this hot, cream soaked action, this PumpHouse Media production will have you running to the back alley so you can practice your dumpster diving.

Cast: Tons and tons of hot guys who like to swallow cum.

Director: Viper
Producers: Scott Morris, Gord Reece
Videography: Viper, Kevin Chain
Graphic Design: Killer Bob
Editing: Lester Moore
Music: Lester Moore

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SKU 08PHM004
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DVD Features: Chapters, Slide Show, link to Website
Year Released: 2008
In Store Price: $44.95
Our Price: $24.95
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Corey Archer-
    While there's a heavy emphasis on guys taking facials and eating cum, it says a lot for the movie that it manages not to sacrifice some excellent fucking in favor of the heavy cum play. Where the action could have bogged down in endless circle jerks, director Viper wisely keeps things moving, and there's an effective flow as scenes evolve from a duo fuck to a circle jerk and, more often, from a circle jerk to a fuck.

    Cum Dumpster begins with an excellent encounter between sexy TJ Cummings and a nicely furry brunet (nobody in the cast gets a name credit), with some fine sucking before Cummings takes his buddy sidesaddle. Afterwards, he informs his friend, "You're not done yet." Half a dozen guys appear in the room, unbuckling their pants to unleash the kind of hard skater cocks that dreams are made of. Defiant regular Tapher Blaze is among those coating the lucky recipient's tongue and chin with a messy load.

    The remaining fuck scenes unfold in the opposite order. At the auto repair shop, a couple of irresistible twinks lock up with each other's cocks but are soon joined by another half dozen punks who want to get sucked. A sexy mix of briefs and wifebeaters only make these studs more appealing as they fire off their fully cocked loads. After everyone is satisfied, the original two are left alone to engage in a great fuck as one, standing, slams the other as he reclines on a folding table. At the end, the top stands over the bottom and drips an amazing river of cum down onto the bottom's chest and face.

    The next two dumpsters are Tapher Blaze and a hairy-chested bud; after they milk all of the loads, Blaze pokes his buddy in another excellent fuck. In the oral-only final scene, Shane Cohen, Elliot Cross and a third twink suck another round of beautiful cocks, and the emphasis here moves to cum swapping: One takes a load in his mouth and then lets it drip into the mouth of another.

    The camerawork is excellent, and there's a sort of ambient soundtrack that doesn't intrude. Cum Dumpster fires on all cylinders, and cum queens can expect to love it.