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Gang Bang my Hole Bro

Gang Bang my Hole Bro
Factory Extreme's "Gang Bang My Hole Bro" is a hardcore glimpse to life on the mean streets. Director Viper brings us a DVD that features 2 hot chapters that will have your balls swelling for a full 1 hour and 9 minutes. Are you hard enough to make it with horny studs like Matthew Rodriguez, Michael Bailey, Denny Smithson, Robert Wood, Cassidy Hayes, Owen Feral, Dane Caroggio and new comer Justin Riley?

After possibly stealing a wallet one young stud is about to learn that justice on the street comes in the form of several hung studs. Lucky for him he has a huge appetite for cock and doesn't mind feasting upon some of the nicest dicks you'll find in the neighborhood. He makes his way around, slipping each cock deep into his throat and sucking it as if it's the most delicious thing he's ever wrapped his lips around. He is soon laid down and fucked while all the others circle jerk it around him.

His friend soon enters the room and is shocked to see what's happening to his bro, and possibly a little jealous. He's soon down on all fours having his throat fucked by this hung gang. With so many cocks being worked hard you know that when the time comes both of these studs are going to be drenched in seed. The dick sucking and ass fucking does not stop and you'll be treated just about every type of cock and ass you can imagine. With so many members in this gang, you know the hardcore action is going to last for a while. Lucky for us, our cocks get to enjoy every thrust, pound and lick. In the end each gang member jacks off into their hand and forces their captives to feast upon their seed. If this is the punishment for taking a wallet, maybe crime does pay...

Are you looking to join a hot, hung and horny street gang? If so, turn on "Gang Bang My Hole Bro" and imagine you're a member of the sexiest crew to ever walk the streets!

Introducing Justin Riley
Michael Bailey
Denny Smithson
Robert Wood
Cassidy Hayes
Owen Feral
Matthew Rodriguez
Dane Caroggio



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