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The Day of the Breeding

The Day of the Breeding

Factory Videos proudly presents "The Day of the Breeding" a film from Damon Dogg's Cum Factory. Clocking in at 1 hour and 38 minutes, your cock will harden watching Damon Dogg have his ass pounded by some of the hottest men from barebackrt.com. Are you ready to visit the dog pound?

Damon Dogg is incredibly horny when he meets up with Dog Pound and it's not long before Dog shows Damon what his last name really means. After some initial cock jerking and throat fucking these two finally get down with some hardcore pounding. This ass fucking spans the course of three scenes, with each stud taking turns pounding away at each other's tight wet holes. The final scene ends with Dog Pound on Damon's back, filling his ass with his seed.

Between these three scenes we find Damon getting down with other men. He's has a huge appetite for cock that just can't be satisfied by one stud. In this scene he meets up with Brad Taylor, who is older and looking to get his hairy rod sucked. He slides Brad's thick rod in and out of his throat, getting it wet and ready to slip into his ass. Brad mounts Damon and the fucking officially begins. Brad only slides his meat stick out of Damon to cover his mouth with in jizz.

Damon takes the action outside for the next scene, where we find him hooking up with a hot young stud named Sniffer Pup. The scene starts off with Damon being bent over and having his ass royally pounded by Sniffer's hairy long cock. Sniffer pounds his asshole deep, only stopping once he's sprayed every last drop of his man juice deep inside Damon.

This has been a long day for Damon and he knows exactly what to do to help him get a good night's rest. He calls up his buddy JD and we soon find the two making out back at Damon's place. Damon's got a taste for cock though and is soon feasting on JD's rod. He also loves having his ass fucked hard and it's not long before JD has him bent over. Damon is fucked hard by JD and is finally rewarded with a massive load of jizz sprayed deep inside his asshole.

Damon loves cocks of any size and shape. Up next we find him slobbering all over the dark rod of Noah Paris. Noah's got a lot of meat between his legs but luckily for him Damon knows exactly how to handle his black beast. Damon climbs into a fuck swing and lets Noah slip his throbbing dick deep inside. Damon moans loader as Noah pumps him full of his sweet sticky seed.

Last up for Damon to suck off is Dane, who's all ready to go with his cock ring wrapped around his rod. Damon is soon up to his old tricks, sucking Dane's dick like a true professional and letting Dane fuck his tight asshole. Damon knows exactly how to work the cum out of any rod. Dane doesn't disappoint and covers Damon's asshole with a warm sticky load.

Are you ready to have the men of barebackrt.com impregnate you with their seed? You will be after watching "The Day of the Breeding".

Damon Dogg
Dog Pound
Brad Taylor
Sniffer Pup
Noah Paris

Directed by: Damon Dogg
Edited by: Damon Dogg
Produced by: Scott Morris & Gord Reece


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Weight 0.33 lbs
Year Released: 2012
Retail Price: $49.95
Our Price: $10.00
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