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All About Ass
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Customer feedback

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- Oliver Penn, RAD Video
"No, this is not the gay takeoff on the famed Hollywood film, 'All About Eve'. True to its title, this video is ALL ABOUT ASS! A great cast has been assembled, led by big stars, Brad McGuire and Lex Kyler. These studs are super pigs and are perfect for the lewd shenanigans over at Factory Video.

My impression is that these guys have picked up other wanton strangers and brought them home for some nasty mansex. Oh my, the sordid lives of gay whores! If my hunch is right, both McGuire and Leo Franks got lucky -- Leo is a cute trick and Brad has some body!

When Brad examines Leo's butt, he realizes what he's picked up -- an experienced slut with a hungry anus. Brad: "hmmm... a sweet fuckin' hole...you like that hole played with, boy?" as he probes, slaps and talks dirty, directly to that hole. Yeah, McGuire knows his shit, baby. Soon his tongue is tauntingly deep inside Leo's loosening manpussy. By the time he sinks his large uncut cock into Franks, I was on the verge of collapse. Scott Morris' cam gives the viewers a bedside seat, making us feel as if we are there, crawling around on the bed, sticking our noses so close, we can practically smell the sex. Brad sits (legs spread wide) on Leo's face and gets a total tongue-lashing. Boy, can Mr. Franks eat a man's asshole!

Vince Stallion reminds me of a straight, oversexed stud that could never find a woman who was vulgar enough to satisfy him, so he decided to try gay whores. If I'm correct, he found the perfect tramp in Brett Holt, that insatiable blond from Factory's "Constructing Porn." Brett's a stone sexpig that can lap butt with the best of them. He's king of the sling when Vince decides to plow his wanton butthole, slamming him mercilessly as he whimpers and spews obscenities, almost begging to be split wide open.

It looks as if Lex Kyler and John Truitt are at the baths. Clad in matching white boxers, they steal away to a private area to tongue kiss and literally eat one another alive. If this "ain't" backstreet sex, then I've never had it. Ooops! Truitt is one of porn's legendary satyrs. Frank Parker knew that he had to secure the services of a stud that could satisfy John's insatiable sex appetite - many a man has tried. Truitt takes Lex's dick with the gusto of a nympho in a cheap motel.

There is no oral action only anal activity, but truly some raunchy sex. Producers, Frank Parker and Scott Morris were made for one another, just like Chris Ward and J. D. Slater. Great team."

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