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Swallow It, Straight Boy

Swallow It, Straight Boy
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Customer feedback

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Arthur, Arthur , radvideo.com
Brutal-featured but sensitive-seeming Ortiz, the eighth guy whom supposedly straight Matt Dillon-type Brody picks up on his suck-a-thon on beautiful Manhattan, beats him in the face with big porn-star dick, then face-fucks him not just like a pro, but like an artist! Eleven other scenes can’t quite match that, but Brody is a game cock-sucker and cum-eater.

On Times Square, he meets a much taller, much younger pretty-boy whose tits and dick he seems to love sucking, and who cums in and around Brody’s grateful mouth.

Brody’s next trick is a tall, bushy-haired, small-balled, surprised-looking red-blond, who sucks him back! Brody drools so much you can’t be sure if the blond has cummed, until he does and it hangs in Brody’s mustache.

A short, sort of silly-looking maybe-Latino with enormous eyes keeps a silly cap on and earphones around his neck as his horse-cock gets sucked and jacked to fulfillment.

A tall, young, crophaired guy says, “Man, if my girlfriend found out about this, she’d kill me,” as his long brown cock springing from nearly Negroid crotch-hair gets blown.

We never see the head or face of the next tall guy whose small, golden cock Brody sucks.

By a playground, Brody picks up a tall, handsome brunet in a leather jacket, with patrician features like a slenderer Billy Zane. Astonishingly, Brody deep-throats the beauty’s donkey-dick.

A tall club-buddy returning a jacket Brody left at a bar catches him fresh from the shower and longing for oral fun. The buddy cums down his own shaft with his dick-head almost up Brody’s nose.

Bored, Brody calls a service and gets a tall, Mohawked Latino whom he barely lets in the door before he’s down on the bought-boy, biting at blue-jeans.

Smoking a cigarette against shop gates on a sleazy side-street, Brody picks up a cheerful businessman-type. This determined dude, with his truly beautiful dick-head, is a standout.

Packing to leave, Brody welcomes a friendly look alike youth who gives him a really drippy farewell wad-except for the cameraman’s, which Brody sucks quickly just to complete quota. The surprise-size wad gags and blinds him!
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